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15 Outdoor Living Trends to Try in 2020

Here’s what’s trending in outdoor decor – with the numbers to back it up. All trends are sourced from Google Trends search data. Check out the results below and what our designers have to say about them!

1. Coastal

By: Jessica Harris, Living Spaces Designer

coastal Google Trends data shows a 22% rise in interest of the Coastal style over the past six months.

“Coastal style is being embraced almost from a nostalgic point of view. Many people have positive associations with the beach, whether it’s a memory of a summer vacation from childhood or simply the beauty that is the ocean. It’s easy to see why homes, including outdoor spaces, are attempting to recreate the images, colors and overall mood that the Coast can bring."

Get the look: “No matter if your style leans more nautical or tropical, you can’t go wrong with chunky sailor’s stripes!”

2. Boho

By: Jessica Harris, Living Spaces Designer

“Boho has been in for the past few years, but we’re now just starting to see a shift toward boho in outdoor spaces. As outdoor spaces themselves are starting to become more popular, and as homemakers start to ‘relax’ a bit and experiment more freely with their decor, the outdoor boho trend makes sense.” 

Get the look: “Patterned throw pillows (botanical and tribal print) are the easiest way to bring the style – and your outdoors – to life.”

boho According to the Google report, Boho is on one of the steepest rises for 2020, seeing a 76% increase in popularity from the past six months.

3. Green (Sage, Emerald, Mint)

By: Jessica Harris, Living Spaces Designer

green Google Trends report for Sage, Mint and Emerald show a 41%, 24% and 67% popularity increase over the past six months, respectively.

“Green is contagious. It’s the color of nature; as we consciously move toward healthier living, green speaks volumes about the energy we choose to surround ourselves with.”

Get the look: “Incorporate sage, emerald and other trendy greens through fixtures like furniture framework, a painted accent wall or even a painted planter!”

4. Bringing the Indoors Out

By: Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Designer

“Bringing the indoors out is a product of our times. The need for ‘settling in’ – when we can’t travel – means curating an outdoor space that’s comfortable.” 

Get the look: “Think of your backyard as you would your indoor space, starting with a floor plan. Arrange groups of seating, focal points, serving stations and walkways for a trendy feel.”

indoors out Outdoor bars saw a 192% increase in searches over the past six months. Outdoor kitchens saw a 106% increase over the past six months – and 5% over the year as a whole.

5. Small Space Outdoor Furniture

By: Gabrielle Bocanegra, Living Spaces Designer

backyard living trends People are searching like crazy for ‘outdoor small space furniture.’ According to Google Trends, it’s on the rise by 243% over the past six months.

“Years ago, the average homeowner would have overlooked a small space patio or backyard. Now, people are doing double-takes. Thanks to shared ideas on the web and the popularity of articles (like this one), I’ve definitely noticed decorators get more and more creative with the spaces they have.”

Get the look: “Think round. Round tables, round stools . . . curves soften and open up a space, as opposed to harsh lines and enclosing angles.”

6. Patio Daybeds

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“Patio daybeds completely fit in with the ‘indoors out’ theme of 2020, so it’s no wonder they’re on the rise!”

Get the look: “As the name suggests, position a patio daybed on a patio. Simplicity is key here, to create a calm outdoor space, so no need for a large coffee table; an end table or small pouf works just fine!”

patio daybeds Year over year, patio daybeds have an increase of 57%. From the past six months, it’s a whopping 257%.

7. Creative Outdoor Seating

By: Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Designer

creative outdoor seating From Google Trends: Adirondack Chairs are up 303% from six months; Hammocks 216% from six months and 25% from one year; and Egg Chairs 189% from six months and 43% from one year.

“As we adapt to a new way of life that encourages social distancing, outdoor spaces will be the preferred setting for family gatherings. As such, the rise in outdoor seating trends couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Get the look: "Egg chairs are cozy, and they also happen to be sleek (or, perhaps, it’s the other way around)! Either way, they’re trending in 2020.”

8. Modular Design

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“Fixed spaces are a thing of the past. With modular designs now available for outdoor living, customizing and rearranging as your hosting/lounging needs change is easier than ever.”

Get the look: “Don’t think of a three-piece sectional as a three-piece sectional. Think of it as a couple of loveseats and an end chair, and arrange the pieces across your deck for spread-out seating.”

modular design Google Trends shows a 6% increase of Modular furniture searches over the past six months.

9. Bright Colors (Coral, Lemon)

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

bright colors According to Google Trends, lemon yellow searches are up by 103% over the past six months; coral, by 50%.

“In with bright colors, out with boring neutrals! Spending more time in our homes and backyards means embracing more of our style personalities and learning to seize the present moment. What better way to do that than with splashes of fun, playful, energizing color?”

Get the look: “Neon furniture sizzles!”

10. Outdoor Woven Materials (Rattan, Wicker)

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“Woven materials add texture, and when dressed up with decorative pillows, contrast. They’re easy and affordable. Given the attention people are starting to give to their outdoor spaces, it makes sense they’re on the rise!”

Get the look: “Woven chairs and seating are common right now – but don’t forget to also look below! An outdoor jute rug is one of the freshest and most exciting decorative pieces in line with today’s trends!”

outdoor woven materials

From Google Trends: Interest in wicker is up 75% from six months; rattan, 63%.

11. Outdoor Tiles

By: Cha'queza Telp, Living Spaces Designer

outdoor tiles People are searching for Outdoor tiles more than ever. Over the past six months, interest has risen 174%; 12% over one year.

“Outdoor tiles are just another example of how consumers are choosing to ‘bring the indoors out,’ to rethink and take a hold of their outdoor spaces. Tiles are also incredibly coastal-chic!”

Get the look: “2020 is all about making statements with color. Outdoor tiling is a great excuse to experiment with this.”

12. Edible Gardens

By: Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Designer

“With so much time spent at home, a lot of us have picked up a new hobby or two, and planting edible gardens is among the most popular. Edible gardens are trending for reasons of sustainability and health; the food is all-organic and you know exactly where it’s coming from.”

Get the look: “Forget, for a moment, the ‘trendiest’ color or style of furniture; sustainability is the ‘it’ look of 2020. Plant it before anything else!”

edible gardens Edible garden searches are up 83% from six months; 30% from one year.

13. Blue (Aqua, Teal, Indigo, Turquoise, Navy)

By: Jessica Harris, Living Spaces Designer

From Google Trends: Navy blue is up 29% from six months, turquoise 32%, indigo 26%, teal 25% and aqua 39%.

“Blue is trending in outdoor spaces for the same reason Coastal is: it’s reminiscent of summer, and particularly the ocean.”

Get the look: “Via blue seat cushions to match with a blue outdoor rug. Bonus points if you can create a blue-and-white color scheme, mimicking a coastal Mediterranean-chic.”

14. Planters + Planter Wall

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“As gardening becomes more and more popular, even those of us without lawns are finding ways to participate in the gardening trend – through planters.”

Get the look: “If you’re trying to save space, think vertical. Stack planters along shelves or window ledges. Hanging planters (with ropes) is also popular right now, as well!”

planters Planters are trending up 172% from six months and 27% from one year. Planter walls are trending 156% from six months and 34% from one year. 

15. Fire Pits

By: Jessica Harris, Living Spaces Designer

fire pits The numbers are on fire: Searches for fire pits are up 148% from six months and 19% from one year.  

“With so many of us spending more time at home, fire pits are becoming more popular than ever. As summer comes upon us, people are naturally drifting toward outdoor spaces. Slowing down, enjoying conversation and life’s moments are a few of the life lessons we’ve all had to learn over the past few months; in this way, fire pits are more than décor – they represent spending time with the ones we love.”

Get the look:
“An industrial fire pit with metal framework keeps things sleek and on-trend, especially when paired with matching metal chairs.”

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