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20 Outdoor Living Trends to Try in 2023

Here’s what’s trending in outdoor decor – with the numbers to back it up. All trends are sourced from Google Trends search data. Check out the results below and what our designers have to say about them!

1. Organic Modern

By: Kate Leyendecker, Living Spaces Designer

Google trends data shows a rise in interest for Organic Modern (+45.5%).
“Organic modern is natural yet comforting, and associated with rustic earth elements that are best for cozy 'outdoor living rooms.' The beautiful thing about these tones is that they can soften any-sized space, from balconies to backyards." Get the look: “Choose wooden patio tables and chairs in a warm finish, or perhaps warm leather, since the natural wear-and-tear over the years can actually enhance the rusticity of this trend.”

2. Outdoor Modular Furniture

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“Sectionals that can be rearranged to form different shapes – or taken apart to form two chairs (rather than one sectional) – serve the need for a more customizable outdoor space.” Get the look: “Modular pieces don’t have to look modular. When not pulled apart, a modular sectional that’s built with quality materials such as weather-resistant rattan or wood will make a backyard feel like a living room.”

According to the Google report, Outdoor Modular Furniture is on one of the steadiest rises in 2021, seeing a 3.7% increase in popularity from the past twelve months.

3. Firepit Table

By Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

Google Trends report for Firepit Table shows a 6.5% popularity increase over the past twelve months.
“Multifunctional pieces – like the firepit table – save you space and money: space, because you have just the one piece that serves as both dining table and firepit, and money, because you’re not spending on extra items that serve the same function.” Get the look: “Use the table wherever you would take your meals. Add comfy chairs that can serve for both dining and s’mores making!”

4. Container Garden

By: Satsha Lopez-Jaimes, Living Spaces Designer

“Sustainable gardening goes hand-in-hand with container gardening, especially hydroponics container gardening which uses less water and soil and relies on a mineral solution for plant nutrients. Make container gardening chic with patterned, colorful ceramic planters.” Get the look: “In patches of ground gardens, opt for wildflowers and plants native to your locale to ensure your plants thrive using as little resources as possible. And since zen spaces in general are trends for indoors and outdoors this year, you might also try bubbling garden fountains, which can attract helpful pollinators and act as a natural humidifier.”

Container Gardens saw a 51.3% increase in searches over the past twelve months.

5. Outdoor Gym

By: Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Designer

backyard basketball court trend 2021
Google Trends report for Outdoor Gym shows an 8.1% popularity increase over the past twelve months.

“Since the pandemic, people are looking for more creative ways to stay active at home. People have picked up sports and hobbies that involve going outside and getting fresh air.” Get the look: “Backyard gyms don't always need to be for huge estates. They can be half courts that can also double for other purposes like entertaining, tennis, or outdoor workouts. They can blend in beautifully with landscaping around the perimeter and lounge seating with ambient lighting.”

6. Outdoor Office

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“Working from home, so many people are looking to the backyard for fresh air and some vitamin D.” Get the look: “Keep your outdoor workstation simple. A comfortable seat and counter height table will help you maintain good posture and mimic the feel of an office chair and desk, and lots of greenery will keep you in a focused mood.”

Year over year, Outdoor Office Google searches have an increase of 5.5%.

7. Outdoor Tub

By: Megan Smith, Living Spaces Designer

According to Google Trends, Outdoor Tub searches are up by 14% over the past twelve months.

“The ultimate luxury, a backyard hot tub encourages us all to slow down a bit during these crazy times and enjoy the present moment with friends and family. Add steps or a raised deck around the hot tub to bring the ground up to the tub’s level, creating an elevated aesthetic.” Get the look: “Try incorporating alternative lighting overhead, such as a few strings of twinkling lights, and you’ll never want to leave your backyard. Add a tub to an existing entertaining space or situate one in its own hideaway nook for the ultimate backyard oasis.”

8. Zen Garden

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“Incorporating a zen garden into an outdoor space turns the attention away from you – and toward nature. It quiets and calms; a much-needed respite from the busyness you might feel inside the home.” Get the look: Turn a garden zen by activating the senses via the soft sounds of a water fountain. You can also add a touch of personality by incorporating animal garden sculptures or statues, plus garden stools for peaceful contemplation.”

zen garden
Google Trends shows a .2% increase of Zen Garden searches over the past twelve months.

9. Outdoor Wine Fridge

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

wine fridge
According to Google Trends, Outdoor Wine Fridge searches are up by 28% over the past twelve months.

“With entertaining season coming up, there’s never been a better time to keep a stocked fridge full of wine in the backyard!” Get the look: “Make it built into the cabinetry. Outdoor spaces mimicking the indoors feel has been trending for the past couple of years, so try creating a kitchenette as an extension of your indoors kitchen.”

10. Outdoor Pizza Ovens

By: Satsha Lopez-Jaimes, Living Spaces Designer

“Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens are the mark of an indoors-out living space.” Get the look: “Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t have indoor luxury, so bring in storage or build in storage through shelving and cabinets; use shelves to display an herb garden in statement planters. For added warmth, centralize the hub with a fire pit dining table (roasted marshmallows make a great after-meal dessert)! To make it restaurant-esque, fill the larger kitchen space with lots of seating for dining.”

outdoor kitchen trend
From Google Trends: Interest in Outdoor Pizza Ovens saw a 3.3% increase from twelve months ago.

11. Outdoor Concrete Furniture

By: Shelby Greene, Living Spaces Designer

According to the Google report, Outdoor Concrete Furniture is on one of the steadiest rises in 2021, seeing a 5.7% increase in popularity from the past twelve months.
"Concrete tables, bench seating and fire pits are becoming more popular because they are naturally weather-resistant and can withhold many years of use; they are also easy to clean, so nothing will be ruined." Get the look: “Concrete furniture works great in a grassy or pebbled area so that it is not too rough being on other concrete. (Although, adding an outdoor rug can divide this roughness.) Wrap-around concrete bench seating around a firepit is a simple solution to make space for nightly gathers and will hold up great around the heat. Cushions can always be added for comfort.”

12. Blue and Green Colors

By: Kristin Minasian, Living Spaces Design Editor

“A pop of color into a backyard space can create a joyous and happy environment for relaxing. Cerulean, cobalt blue, sage and olive green colors have always been associated with summer, but now they're a year-round look for any occasion.” Get the look: “I would add these colors on an outdoor sofa via some throw pillows and then add a couple of floral patterned accent chairs to complement the 'year-round spring look.' To contrast, a splash of warmth can be achieved by adding some natural wood elements such as a bench, table or bar cart to complete the look.”

Blue and green searches are up from twelve months ago: Cerulean (+62.6%), Cobalt Blue (+3.9%), Sage (Color) (+4.1%), Olive Green (+5%).

13. Cane Furniture

By: Kate Leyendecker, Living Spaces Designer

From Google Trends: Cane is up 2.3% from twelve months.

“Since Japandi style is rising to fame, cane (a plant sourced from parts of Asia) is rising right along with it. Bring it to your outdoors and play with a more global or traveled feel by pairing cane with other 'plant' furniture, such as rattan.” Get the look: "Whether you’re working with a cane outdoor chair, bench or sofa, it’s a good idea to layer on seat cushions to contrast textures and colors!"

14. Living Wall

By: Daniela Lopez, Living Spaces Designer

“Modern-day real estate has been leaning towards smaller yards, so it’s important to maximize every inch. Hydroponics allow gardeners to plant upwards – along walls and ledges, without soil – by infusing roots with a nutrient-rich mineral solution." Get the look: "One of my favorites is the ladder garden. Another great method is attaching metal hooks to the backs of mini terracotta pots and then hanging the pots along a lattice or trellis. It can be as simple as a tier of stacked planters or as intricate as a high-rise wall completely covered in vegetation."

living wall
Living Wall searches are trending up 1.3% from twelve months ago.

15. Outdoor Egg Chair

By: Megan Smith, Living Spaces Designer

The numbers are on fire: Searches for Hanging Egg Chair are up 14% from twelve months ago.

“These fun yet modern chairs are the perfect combination of comfort and style to enhance anyone’s outdoor space. Egg chairs look their best on front porches and back patios, especially when paired with cozy pillows or a rug, for a more personal feel.” Get the look: “A few outdoor accent tables, to set down summer refreshments nearby, can introduce different textures and shapes. These chairs can be used to create an outdoor conversation area or can function as a stand-alone accent piece meant for the pure art of relaxation.”

16. Polywood

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

"POLYWOOD, a name brand material that is used in Adirondack chairs, is a rising trend in 2022 for its unique properties: it’s durable, waterproof and made from recycled materials.” Get the look: Use POLYWOOD in a space that sees a lot of entertaining. The classic Adirondack silhouette will bring resort-like vibes, while the durability of the material will ensure long-lasting comfort."

Polywood searches increased by 5.9% over the past twelve months on Google.

17. Granny Flat

By: Kate Leyendecker, Living Spaces Designer

granny flat trend 2021
Granny Pod searches saw an increase of 12.7% over the past year.

"The granny flat, or a detached living space situated in a backyard, offers a way for families to live with their grandparents without actually sharing a roof." Get the look: "Granny flats, though, can be for anything, depending on how you decorate it: turn it into a hotel-like bedroom for an all-purpose guest house, or furnish it with a pool table and TV for a next-level mancave. However you use it, make sure to connect it in some way to the main house, via stepping stones or a small patio."

18. Japandi

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

"The Scandinavian-Japanese , with its equal parts zen and hygge vibes, is coming to a backyard near you in 2022.” Get the look: “Outdoor furniture has come a long way from plastic wicker. This year, opt for indoor materials, colors and silhouettes, like deep seated sofas and ottomans in neutral palettes – and cozy foam fills."

Searches for Japandi have skyrocketed over the past twelve months, at a 28.9% increase.

19. Resort Style

By: Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

Up year over year is Resort Style at +5.8%.

"Outdoor activities have increased this past year. So has the need for a cozy, private, and shaded space outdoors. This means resort style comfy couches, ambient lighting and multi-functional furniture – all made to withstand weather.” Get the look: “To secure the indoors feel, arrange the furniture under a patio covering. You can add some outdoor drapery, a green wall, water feature, or outdoor tiled accent wall to create your own cozy and intimate outdoor space."

20. Outdoor Rugs

By Brynna Evans, Living Spaces Designer

“The final piece of the summer-ready backyard is the outdoor rug, which pulls your seating and dining together – while adding a splash of the season’s colors.” Get the look: Geometric, stripe and coastal patterns are all trending in 2022. So are shades of blue and green!”
Geometric Rug (+8.3%), Coastal Rug (+10.5%) and Stripe Rug (+3.8%) are all up from 2021.

Timeless Tips That Work Every Year

Most backyards have the room to extend your home's living space with a deck, patio, gazebo and/or outdoor cooking area. Not only do such spaces help you grow your square footage, but they add value to your home and allow you and your family to enjoy the fresh air and nature. How do you accomplish this and make your added outdoor space family-friendly? We have a few ideas.

1. Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Home's Architectural Style.

Matching your outdoor furniture to the architectural style of your home is essential to creating a beautiful, harmonious backyard living space. For instance, if you live in a Tudor-style home, you'll want to use heavy wood or wicker patio furniture. If you live in a colonial home, you'll want wood furniture or metal furniture with classic lines. And, if your home is modern, you can add to your exterior appeal with bright colored cushions and resin, metal or rope furniture with sleek, modern lines.

2. Lighten the Mood.

Outdoor lamps, lanterns and other lighting do more than help you see at night – they give your backyard a warm and inviting appeal. For a touch of outdoor elegance, place a couple table lamps with colorful shades on an outdoor dining table or bar; or, hang a set of outdoor string or tea lights in an especially darkened area for a pop of dazzling sparkle – and to up the romantic ambiance.

3. Create a Living Space That Will Work for All Seasons.

The more often you can use your outdoor living space, the more cost-effective it will be. If you live in a part of the country where the weather is chilly in the spring and fall, consider a fire pit or free-standing heaters to extend your outdoor season. If you live in an area where the summers are scorching, consider a retractable awning or umbrella to provide shade, or a small wading pool or other water feature.

4. Lay Down an Area Rug (or Two).

Large rugs help to define a living space and make your outdoor living area look like it has "rooms." Today's outdoor area rugs don't have to be taken in and out; they are designed so that moisture runs right through them and so that colors stay true for years. Transforming your outdoor living space into a welcoming and useful family oasis doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Simply add a focal point, like a gazebo or pergola; make sure that your patio furniture complements your home's architectural style and add some sort of outdoor kitchen/bar area to make your outdoor living space more enjoyable for your family and friends year round.

5. Add an Outdoor Bar Cart.

Being able to entertain outdoors is one of the joys of the summer season. Not only does it keep your kitchen from getting hot and messy, food served outdoors just has a certain casual (and delicious) appeal. You don't have to spend a fortune to add an outdoor eating and cooking area. Setting up a bar cart next to your grill can help make your space more appealing.

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