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Small Outdoor Patio Ideas to Keep Things Breezy

Are you looking to bring the comfort of the indoors to the beauty of your backyard? Here are some fantastic ideas for making even cozy patio spaces feel like a welcoming extension of your home's interior.

1. Perfect Patio Furniture Design

With a variety of weather-resistant materials, washable cushions and coverings, and smart, stowaway designs, there's no need to limit your creativity with ho-hum plastic patio furniture. Opt for luxe versions of seating solutions, tables, and accessories that are made for outdoor living: the wide variety of options available ensure that no matter what your taste, the perfect patio awaits.

2. Compact Coffee Tables

From a cup of contemplative java in the morning to some post-dinner drinks with friends, compact outdoor coffee tables are a must. Shorter in both width and height, simply find a style that matches the height of your favorite outdoor seating and you're ready for casual entertaining, steps away from your back door.

3. Lofty Lounges

Cuddle up under the stars with an outdoor lounge for your patio: ideal for group seating, it's also a cozy spot for couples to hang out. Accessorize with some plush throw pillows and a blanket or two, and you're set up for three-season comfort that works for both daytime bird watching, curling up with a favorite novel in the afternoon, or relaxing after a meal.

4. Convenient Outdoor Chairs

Bye-bye, flimsy lawn furniture: hel-lo gorgeous upholstered outdoor seating! With new durable fabrics and foundations that rival indoor pieces for longevity and comfort, you no longer have to choose between form and function. A chair – or two, or three – is a must-have for adding attractive, flexible seating arrangements to your porch or patio.

5. Keep It Simply Cozy

Depending on the size of your patio, your options are limitless! Add the pieces you like to create a customized look and feel that will coax you outside, over and over again. Go big, with enough lounges, loveseats, and chairs for the "whole gang," or keep it cozy with one or two pieces that transform your outdoor space into an enticing spot for cuddling up as a couple. Neutral colors and natural-look materials make it easy to tastefully accessorize with a few bright pops of color.

6. End Tables for Entertaining

Need a spot to keep drinks, stash snacks, or rest your phone while you chat? Outdoor end tables help complete your seating arrangements from every side. Pick a storage design to stow blankets and cushions, or go for a minimalist style that reinforces your color palette with eye-catching hues and textures. Simple and smart, adding a few end tables ties your entire patio look together in moments.

7. Accessorize Your Patio

With more freedom to explore trends, you can let your creative ideas out to play when it comes to arranging your patio. Try out a few bold colors that might not fit indoors, or experiment with exotic patterns and textures that really stand out – the sky is literally the limit. When you pair intriguing accent pieces with outdoor furniture made in neutral-toned fabrics and frames, it's easy to perfect a unique look that both you and your guests will love to linger in.

8. Create Your Personal Oasis

Your backyard should always feel like a retreat that's been created especially for you. Make the patio into your spot by embracing the convenience, colors, and styles that work for your lifestyle. Enjoy reading books? Add some plush outdoor throw pillows to make afternoon reading a pleasure. Prefer to pop open your laptop and work? A handy compact coffee table doubles as an outdoor desk.

9. Outdoor Patio Plants

The beauty of making an outdoor entertaining space is that adding greenery becomes a very simple endeavor. Without the worry of spilling or overflowing water onto an indoor carpet, you can create a virtual forest of ferns to accent your outdoor patio furniture. Try mixing plants of different heights, or adding plant risers and tables to create a similar effect.

10. Brighten It Up / Keep It Lit

While Mother Nature adds fantastic lighting by default – sunshine in the afternoons, and starlight by night – you'll likely want to supplement with outdoor lighting of your own. From lanterns to string lights / "fairy" lights, it's easy to put your new favorite outdoor space in the spotlight. Outdoor side tables that cleverly incorporate outlets and extension cords are a great option, as are smaller solar accent lighting pieces.

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