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Patio Ideas on a Budget

Style your patio without going over budget with these simple steps.

Choose Mix-and-Match Pieces

When furnishing your patio, it can be easy to think in terms of 'sets': from dining sets to lounging sets, most patio furniture pieces come in groups or collections. While this makes it so that you don't have to worry about mismatched designs, it doesn't allow for style customization. Not only will picking and choosing pieces from different collections let you make your outdoor space your own, it can also help save you money. For example, if you love the style of a particular 7-piece dining set, but don't plan on entertaining more than a couple guests at a time, you can choose to buy just a couple pieces from the set – and mix-and-match them with a smaller patio table.

Keep Your Layout Options Open

Whether you opt to furnish your patio with a set or a mix-and-match collection, remember that how you arrange your pieces can be just as important as the pieces themselves. You want to create a space that will keep guests comfortable and relaxed and invites conversation. With different occasions for entertaining, though, comes different 'layout' needs; for a small barbeque, you won't need more than an intimate lounging area in one corner of your patio, but for a larger soiree, you'll need a more open layout that encourages socialization – and covers more patio space. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is by opting for sets that come with versatile, easy-to-move and -style designs.

When shopping for affordable patio furniture, quality is everything. Because poorly-made designs – and the time and money it will take to replace them after just a few uses – will end up costing you more in the long run, it's critical to pay attention to the materials used in the construction. Outdoor furniture made from durable metal, wood and even ceramic designed to stand up to all types of weather will help prevent damage and the need for replacements down the road.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget

These affordable backyard style ideas will keep your outdoor space chic and refreshed without breaking the bank.

All-Purpose Entertaining

To create an outdoor entertaining area without going over your budget, opt for an outdoor dining or bar set designed for every type of occasion. Look for designs that feature 'mix-and-match' pieces that allow for versatile style placements – and which can be easily rearranged when necessary.

Coordinated Dining

Buying outdoor dining furniture in a set, as opposed to separately, isn't just about style – it's also the budget-friendlier choice. Remember, too, to choose sets that make the most sense for your lifestyle. If you're looking for a dining set to seat just you and your partner, skipping a 7-piece dining table-and-chair set in favor of a 3-piece pub set will save you time, space and money.

Lounging That Will Last

When shopping for outdoor lounge furniture on a budget, affordability and quality are everything. Not only do you want to create a space where guests can relax on comfortable, durable designs, you also want to make sure each piece is weatherproof – will hold up to the elements without rusting, fading or wearing down – all without breaking the bank.

Portable Comfort

Add some extra comfort to your outdoor space – without splurging – with cozy, weather-resistant throw pillows! Super-cozy and ultra-chic, outdoor pillows are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to refresh your style as often as you wish.

Style Heat

A durable fire pit designed for entertaining and 'gathering around' – complete with ledges for drinks and s'mores – is another 'all-purpose' piece that will save you money in the long run. Use it to effortlessly turn up the heat and keep your guests relaxed and comfortable – and look for ones made from durable, weather-resistant materials like stone, glass and aluminum that will stand up to years of heavy use.

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