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5 Designers Share Their Summer Decor Ideas & Trend Forecasts

Our top interior designers weigh in on summer 2021 predictions with a slew of summer decor ideas. See the full trend report – and why we’re obsessed!

1. 70’s-Inspired Scandinavian

“The 70's inspired Scandinavian trend will continue with simple lines, pops of color and use of natural woods as accents. This convertible sofa in mustard – a hot color for summer – fits the trend perfectly and works great in many living situations.” – Darin Pepper, Visual Stylist

2. Styled Ceramics

Vases and jugs in organic shapes and painted patterns. Little details to sit on the coffee table or entryway with blooming flowers that bring life into the home. These styles can be transitioned into modern or rustic homes.” – KaNeisha Jackson, Visual Stylist

3. Weaves

“In summer decor, natural weaves will create a seamless transition from the outdoors in. Updated rattan accent chairs, jute rugs, and wicker baskets mixed with existing furniture will lighten up any living space for an airy, summery feel. Layer a smaller, lightweight jute rug over an existing neutral rug for a playful twist that will serve as the perfect foundation for additional woven accent furniture and accessories.” – Marc Cadiente, Visual Supervisor

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4. Neutral & Subdued

“I predict that summer decor ideas will favor neutral or subdued color palettes. These will continue to dominate the furniture marketplace for longevity and versatility. With the increased accessibility to home decorating ideas and how-to-guides, our guests are looking for flexibility. Having a neutral base palette allows those design-savvy guests the ability to update accessories and textiles from season to season relatively quickly and inexpensively to get a completely new look in their space. Adding bright pops of color to this base will be big this summer, especially mustards and corals.” – Joseph Postema, Brand Supervisor, Visual

5. Mix & Un-Match

“Don't be afraid to mix your furniture & decor. How many times have we walked into a furniture showroom and we breeze past a bedroom or dining room with the matching set of case pieces while everything seems to blend together? If we haven't noticed already, the term "mix & match" is losing its flare. The new phrase should be mix & (un)match. For example, a low-sitting, velvet, mid-century modern sofa CAN be paired with a set of rustic, wooden coffee tables. I would take that a step further and introduce the idea of a neutral-colored shag rug, completing the space with colorful pillows and accessories.

I believe this year is all about self-expression; bringing together all your favorite, mixed pieces to create that eye-catching moment that brings excitement and inspiration.” – Joseph Pirollo, Visual Supervisor

6. Earth Minerals & Shell Tones

“Tones that bring warmth into the home. A new paint color, accent chair or pillows complement raw textures such as wood, leather and organic features. This creates a calming environment for a comfortable home. These tones do well in outdoor designs as well, tying both indoor and outdoor with a few accent colors.” – KaNeisha Jackson, Visual Stylist


7. Bohemian Styling

“The other trend that will keep driving home design this summer is Bohemian styling. As we continue to collect eclectic pieces with an emotional attachment throughout our lives, Bohemian styling makes it easy to coordinate those finds from different eras. Natural fibers and textiles are essential to finish this trend in your space. Think about that wool rug that will last 30 years your mom gave you, it'll always have a place in your Boho sanctuary!” – Joseph Postema, Brand Supervisor, Visual

8. Natural Textures

“Natural Textures can come in numerous forms, two of which include throw blankets and throw pillows. Textured throw pillows, including warm whites and beiges, weathered blacks and whites, along with indigo blue – and even tsassels, fringe and old-fashioned carpetbag type textures/patterns will add visual interest to any living room or bedroom. From Boho-Chic to Industrial, adding texture to a room will always take things up a notch!” – Darin Pepper, Visual Stylist

9. Bright Colors

“Pops of festive colors are sure to liven up summer decor. Aquas, yellows, pinks, and greens appearing in throw pillows, art, and accessories help usher in the warm season. Adding colorful pillows to an otherwise neutral palette breathes new life to a room. And just a couple of strategically placed colored-glass accessories evoke the feeling of summer festivities.” – Marc Cadiente, Visual Supervisor

10. Natural in Nature

“I don't think it's any secret, but we can all agree that when we look for inspiration when styling a space, we often look to bring the outside in! Re-purposed and reclaimed woods, bamboo, & rattan are all the rage right now and we can't keep them from selling in our store! As we press into the future, our concern and overall care for the environment we live in grow more and more every day.

What's the easiest way to bring more of a ‘natural’ theme to your living space? One answer: GREENERY. If you really want to bring your space to life, what better way than to add a few palms and ferns in your corners or behind sofas. Succulents make great accents on end tables and bookcases. How close to a greenhouse could you make your space? I say, ‘Challenge accepted!’” – Joseph Pirollo, Visual Supervisor

More Summer Statements That Make a Splash . . .

Rattan | Rattan accent pieces and furniture are a great way to bring a natural element into your home this summer. Rattan - made from pliable stems of palm - was traditionally used for summer homes and screened porches, but it has made a modern, stylish comeback and is here to stay. It can be used in any room and can fit any budget.
Plants | Summer is a time of year that should be spent enjoying the great outdoors. There’s no better way to bring the outside into your home than by adding houseplants that not only brighten up space and add a pop of color but also purify your air from toxins. Give them some height by placing them on your desk, dining table, nightstand, or bookshelf - you can hang them, grow them vertically or place them on their own pedestal. 
Tropical Prints | Tropical prints are a popular summer motif. Philodendron, monstera, and banana leaf are a few varieties of the pattern. They are the mistletoe of summer and can be incorporated in so many different ways: from wallpaper to wall art, a textile-print or on a smaller scale as small accessory pieces or throw pillows.
Pineapples | Pineapples are not only perfect for a summertime cocktail, they're great for bringing a summer vibe to your space. Pineapple prints/décor are sure to bring a cute element to your home that instantly makes you think of summer.
Gold Accent Decor | By bringing in warm, rich metallic tones to accent with bright summer colors, you’re adding glam and modern detail to your space.
Flamingos | This distinctive pink bird print is flocking to all accessories this summer. You can easily find cute accent pieces or go bold and use it in textiles or wallpaper print.
Millenial Pink | Millennial Pink’s subtle pale tone contrasts flawlessly with emerald green and tropical prints, and can be highlighted by gold accents. Millennium Pink has been “in” for a few years now, and is not going anywhere, as the obsession with the color is only getting stronger.
Emerald Green | Bold color brings strong character to any space and Emerald Green is a versatile color that can be used in any season. Use it on a statement piece or as an accent color, and it will be sure to draw the eye to it’s exciting jewel tone. Make it even more charming by selecting an emerald velvet fabric.
Natural Materials | Natural elements such as mango wood, teak and driftwood, along with materials like concrete and marble, bring in the warmth of camping without having to go anywhere. These pieces can be dressed up or down for any season.

Geometric Shaped Tables | Geometric shaped tables add a modern touch to your summer staycation space. Modernizing the space will help keep it feel fresh and up-to-date year-round.

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