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Bay Area Style Ideas (+ How to Capture the NorCal Vibe)

The rumble of a cable car; the screech of seagulls; the blasts of foghorns . . . you must be dreaming of the Bay Area! Perhaps you vacationed here and fell in love with whale watching in the bay or perhaps you're a native resident – from the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, eclectic architecture, and Fisherman's Wharf, bring a little of the Bay Area into your home decor for a truly inspired space.
bay areas style ideas

Bay-Inspired Hues

Think blue ocean, orange bridge, red bricks, brown walkway planks, and gray fog. You can go all out and paint an accent wall with a shade you see outside your home or on your weekend adventures to the coast, or you can simply add colors mimicking the Bay's vibe using throw pillows, vases, or art pieces. Keeping your main furniture pieces in neutral tones will allow you to swap out colors on a dime when the mood strikes.

Let's Eat!

From fresh seafood down on Fisherman's Wharf to the over thirty breweries scattered throughout San Francisco proper, there's no lack of dining inspiration. Deck out your kitchen with metal lanterns fit for an ocean boardwalk, nautical ropes, and ship-worthy art. Elevated pub seating with bar stools can complete the look and bring restaurant-worthy flavor to your dining space, and don't forget to place large, decorative bowls of coral, seashells, or rocks found on your Ocean Beach fog-walk on a counter (or use them as a table centerpiece)!

Breathe That Ocean Air

Nothing says Bay Area like a night relaxing by the fire pit, listening to the crackle of the flames and the sounds of the city. String lights enhance the mood. Up the comfort level with ample seating for guests and provide cushions to entice longer visits.

Go Team!

Don't forget the sports fans when decking out a fun game day cave. Blacks, golds, and whites pay tribute to the Bay Area's football team; and for those with eyes on ballparks, add a splash of orange and cream to celebrate the crack of the baseball. Try incorporating credenzas,which can hold wide flat screens and store bowls, napkins, and crock pots to fuel the game-day festivities.

Start a Conversation

Impress family and friends by doing your Bay Area research. For instance, did you know about Levi Strauss and the Gold Rush miners? Mr. Strauss created denim jeans in San Francisco because the miners needed rugged outerwear, so look for decor and casual furnishings in denim or blue tones and set up a conversation starter in your living area or bedroom. (Or, take it one step further by sourcing vintage gold-panning supplies to display on the wall!)

Simply Bay Area

Of course, sometimes the simplest echoes of the Bay Area really have the most impact. Source area maps to use as art pieces, or perhaps frame a cable car route and use colorful pins to mark your favorite stops. Try black and white photography of the Golden Gate Bridge or black and white abstracts, which are always on-point. You can also add pops of color with orange throw pillows, poufs, or ottomans to mimic the bridge's classic "International Orange" paint, as well as plank furniture to echo the look and feel of the wharf and bayside piers.
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