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Create a Seattle-Inspired Space

There seems to be something about Seattle that has inspired generations of artists, musicians and trendsetters – and you don’t have to look very far to notice its influence in the world of design. From organic textures and breezy colors reminiscent of the scenic Pacific Northwest to a hygge aesthetic that can only come from a city that knows how to stay cozy in the rain, Seattle style décor combines the beauty of nature with urban comforts to create a laidback, timeless appeal. See how Seattle is inspiring interior design, and learn how to incorporate the look into your space, with these four of-the-moment décor trends – straight from the Emerald City itself!

Seatle Style Decor Tip #1: Rugged Coastlines

With its moody cool vibe, Seattle is the perfect staycation destination. Bring the city's nautical industrial style home by mixing metal and wood, weaving in dark blues and greys, and adding a bit of coastal kitsch.
Seattle inspired rugged coastline
Seattle inspired inspired greenery

Seattle Style Decor Tip #2: Lush Greenery

Home to sprawling mountain ranges and lush forests, the Pacific Northwest is inspiring a wave of design trends featuring earthy colors, organic textures and rustic finishes.

Seattle Style Decor Tip #3: Vintage Comfort, Reinvented

90's grunge gets a contemporary spin when you pair sleek metallics with cozy 'lived-in' textures, bright white paint with industrial brick paneling and mod geometrics with 'lumberjack plaid.'
Seattle inspired vintage comfort
Seattle inspired hygge

Seattle Style Decor Tip #4: Hygge Textures

If Seattle style is anything, it's an embracement of sweater-weather, so incorporate 'sweaters' wherever you can! The cable-knit pouf pictured to the left, for example, offers a cozy contrast between the coffee table's distressed natural wood – also a hallmark of the Seattle style!
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