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Best Washable Rugs of 2024

When you have something that feels right up there along with the invention of the wheel, you want to shout it out from the rooftops. That's what we're doing with the washable rug: the 5 best washable rugs, in particular. A back-saving, time-saving, style-perfect design that seems too good to be true? Just try one of these, and you'll want to write an article of your own!

Best Splurge

1. Esme Modern Driftwood Blue

Best Features: - high-quality polyester - modern design that complements any home decor - soft underfoot

Size: 96"W x 120"D x 0.39"H

Tough Test: "Tough and durable to tracked-in-dirt from shoes, while looking soft and delicate. This rug is flexible enough for a washing machine but you'd never know by looks alone." - Courtney Marquez, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Love the feel and for the price this rug is amazing." - R Carman

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Best Value

2. Kyla Cottage Machine Washable Multi

Best Features: - easy to clean - highly durable

Size: 90"W x 114"D x 0.16"H

Living Room Wonder: "With the right detergent, stains can easily be removed in a sudsy load. Take it for a spin, let dry and let the pretty, multicolor pattern soften up a living room space." - Courtney Marquez, LS Designer

Featured Review: "We love our new rug. It fits the space perfectly. The colors look really good in the living room." - S Hale

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Best Washable Rug for Pets

3. Leann Machine Washable Red/Rust

Best Features: - made from high-quality fabric - stunning traditional design - budget-friendly

Size: 51"W x 71"D x 0.2"H

The Power of Fake: "The synthetic fibers won't absorb stains as fast as natural wool or cotton. But if they sink in, they're easy to get out in a single cycle." - Courtney Marquez, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Loved the colors to choose from for curtains and furniture. And the best part 'washable'". - Palola

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Best Washable Rug for the Kitchen

4. Colson Machine Washable Blue/Rose

Best Features: - stylish and modern design - chenille and cotton - botanical pattern

Size: 63"W x 87"D x 0.02"H

Designer's Eye: "In a kitchen, there's drips, spills, splashes and more. The light blue color hides crumbs and low pile makes it easy to keep flat, in between washes." - Courtney Marquez, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Great for washing and wooden floors."- maziball

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Best Overall

5. Colbourn Machine Washable Dusty Sage/Olive

Best Features: - timeless traditional style - large size

Size: 111"W x 144"D x 0.02"H

How a Pro Uses It: "I'd use this with a rug pad to prevent slipping. Other than that, this stands perfect on its own, in a hallway or bedroom, with little maintenance needed!" - Courtney Marquez, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Such a pretty rug. We recently moved into an all-white house and this rug adds the most beautiful contrast to our new empty space."- Anonymous

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What is the best rug to keep clean?

When it comes to keeping rugs clean, not all materials and designs are created equal. Here are some key features to look for in a rug that's easy to maintain:
  • Machine-Washable: Rugs that can be cleaned in a standard washing machine make routine maintenance a breeze. Simply toss them into the washer and follow the care instructions.
  • Stain-Resistant Materials: Look for rugs made of synthetic fibers like polyester or polypropylene, which are less likely to absorb stains and easier to spot clean.
  • Low Pile: Rugs with a low pile or flat weave compared to high pile tend to trap less dirt and debris, making them easier to vacuum and keep clean.
  • Dark Colors or Patterns: Opting for darker colors or busy patterns can help hide minor stains and messes between cleanings.

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