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How to Organize Kids Rooms

If it seems like your kid’s messy room is getting harder to manage by the minute, then you’re in luck. Whether you’re dealing with constant clutter or cramped storage space (or both), follow these easy kids storage tips to make ‘clean-up times’ fun and effortless – and few and far between!

1 | Look for Storage in Unexpected Places 

Kids room with toys

Make ‘clean-up time’ easy and happy by giving your child a drawer or compartment designated specifically for her favorite things

In kids rooms, hot and not-so-hot messes come with the territory. To help keep a tidy appearance – without taking up precious floor space with baskets, boxes, and containers – look for discreet corners tucked away from sight. For example, the area behind doors, along the walls and even under beds can serve as an easy base for racks, shelving, built-in drawers and more.

Kid Storage Tip: When it comes to shelving, keep safety in mind – especially for kids five or under. Although we all love a good #shelfie, when kids are involved, you want to make sure you arrange fragile décor on top and out of reach, and storage bins on the bottom for easy accessibility
Object Type Best Place for Space-Saving Storage
Toys Storage ottomans, bookshelves
Books Wall racks, bookshelves, headboard bookshelves
Games Containers or built-in drawers under the bed
Clothes Dressers, chest of drawers or armoires
Stuffed Animals Storage ottomans, bookshelves, headboard bookshelves
Figurines, School Supplies, Collectibles, Misc. Lift-top desks, nightstands, storage books, storage ottomans, stairway chests

2 | Maximize Your Space

With the right type of bed frame and some strategic placement, even the smallest quarters can transform into an easy-to-clean play zone to keep each kid happy and comfortable (and you stress-free). First, if you are styling a shared bedroom, save space by opting for a durable bunk bed equipped with built-in storage drawers. Designate one bunk bed drawer for each child, and have each child decide which of her belongings the drawer will hold. This will encourage a quick and easy clean-up process on even the messiest of days. Secondly, consider placement; avoid obstructing windows (as natural light is an effortless way to lighten and brighten). To maximize floor area and create an elongating effect, push the length of the bunk bed against the middle of the longest wall – and break up any stretches of overpowering wall space with a streamlined, matching nightstand for depth, definition and a pulled-together aesthetic.
kids bunk bed with toys
Keeping a child’s room – especially one shared by siblings – tidy, well styled and, above all, spacious is a breeze with streamlined pieces and a tailored layout.

3 | Organize by Category

kids room with toys and dog
When you start to notice that a messy room or play area is becoming constant and hard to manage, it may be time for a little early spring-cleaning. Plan to divide clutter and worn-out items into three piles: ‘Give Away,’ ‘Throw Away,’ and ‘Keep’ – and include your child in the process. When you sit down with her to sort through her toys, clothes and other belongings, you will give her a sense of responsibility and help instill good organizational habits – all while eliminating chaos and tidying up her space.

Sorting through old or seldom-used clothes or toys with your child will help to make room for new items and instill good organizational habits.

4 | Invest in Double-Duty Furniture

Make tidying up a breeze with kids storage furniture. Whether it’s a bookshelf headboard or stairway chest, spacious organizers and sleek designs go hand-in-hand. When choosing the best piece for your child’s room, consider your child’s current belongings and habits. Has your child been stashing her growing collection of books under the bed, for lack of proper shelving? Try a graceful dresser or armoire with built-in bookcase. Or, if toy cars, figurines or other knickknacks are cluttering countertops and surface spaces, consider a storage ottoman or lift-top desk – or even a fake book or two for concealing smaller loose items.

Choose kids storage furniture based on details like drawer type and size. If you are dealing with an abundance of clothes – or need extra space for storing spare linens and pillows – go with one or two oversized drawers. If, on the other hand, your child’s clutter consists of knickknacks and small miscellaneous items, opt for more compartmentalization.
kids room with shelf storage for toys

Kid Storage Tip: Opt for bunk beds or beds that include clever drawers to help your child stay organized – and save precious space.

5 | Keep it Classic

kids room with classic games
Instead of splurging on trendy pieces that may or may not appeal to her after a year (or even a week), choose a classic staple that she loves now – and won’t fade with time. A sturdy nightstand in a timeless color like white or navy, or a simple dresser with a clean silhouette, provides ample storage space and an elegant style that will keep her – and your wallet! – happy for years to come.

While a bright pink or neon green character nightstand may intrigue your child, it’s charm will no doubt dwindle with her changing interests – and while replacing her furniture every few months may keep a fresh look, the costs are sure to add up.

6 | ... And Make it Fun

Nothing says ‘classic style’ quite like a clean, fresh bedroom – but when it comes to keeping tidy, a lack of fun can leave your child feeling uninspired. To bring a kid-friendly aesthetic to a simple, structured layout, opt for major storage furniture – like dressers and nightstands – in versatile tones, and accessorize with easy-to-replace toys. For example, showcase your child’s toy-of-the-moment on a white nightstand, or your teen’s favorite band poster over a black dresser, for an effortless and affordable way to create a space that’s well kept, timeless and uniquely theirs.

Creating a fun, playful space can do wonders for organization: the more your child loves her room, the more she’ll want to keep it looking its best.

Kid Storage Tip: Quirky shelving, compartments and accents define ‘classic with an edge’ – and prove that styling with organizational furniture is anything but ‘boring.’

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