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Getting Your Child Organized for the New School Year

Whether you’re looking for durable kids storage furniture or tips on the latest trends in contemporary kids bedrooms, these easy kids furniture ideas will help your child get organized for the new school year.

1. The Storage Bed

The storage bed is first on the list for a reason: with such an effortlessly chic design, you would never guess that it actually doubles as spacious storage for clothes, books, shoes and more.

Iron drawer pulls and feminine scallops can transform a regular daybed into a stunning vintage-inspired design.
Sleek surfaces in monochrome hues create a refreshed, organized aesthetic – perfect for the new school year!

2. The Nightstand

A children’s bedroom classic, the bedside nightstand offers spacious storage for organizing pencils, notebooks and other school supplies.

3. Functional Lighting

No matter how motivated she is, your child can’t be expected to stay focused on her homework if she doesn’t have the proper lighting. If one floor lamp isn’t enough, consider adding a couple of table lamps on either side of her bed for a symmetrical, organized appeal.

Distressed silver table lamps will provide the lighting she needs for healthy studying.
Your child will love the contemporary design of the innovative daybed (and you’ll love the space-saving silhouette!).

4. The Streamlined Daybed

Contemporary trends in kids bedrooms favor straight lines and versatile silhouettes – good for sleek style, and great for making your child’s bedroom feel clean and tidy. Whether it’s a daybed, desk or dresser, opt for compact shapes in neutral colors, and let your child choose the surrounding décor. Giving your child a space that feels like his own will encourage him to keep it fresh and organized – and help to foster his sense of responsibility.

5. The Desk and Chair

There is, perhaps, nothing more crucial to helping your child develop strong study skills than providing her with her own desk and chair. To keep her inspired – without having to update the look every few months – look for a classic design that will not go out of fashion, and style it with trendier, easy-to-replace décor, such as wall art or decals.

Nothing will motivate your child to do homework quite like a desk and chair set in an elegant design she loves.
Compartments, shelves and pull-out drawers make it effortless to store clothes and accessories in armoires.

6. Clothes Storage

It’s hard to study with distractions, so keep them to a minimum with clever armoires and dressers. To maximize space and make it easy to conceal clothes, shoes and clutter, look for ones that feature both a compact design on the outside and spacious compartments on the inside.

7. Smart Furniture

Storage furniture is good – but smart storage furniture is even better. When choosing a desk for your child to do his homework, look for features that will help to make his studying easier; a spacious writing surface that doubles as lift-top storage will make it easy to organize his study tools, while built-in power outlets and USB ports will ensure his laptop or other device is always charged and ready-to-go.

Refresh your child’s room with furniture designed for today’s technology.

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