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Encourage Productivity with These Stylish Study Space Ideas

These ideas for study spaces will make any kids bedroom feel so stylish, your child just might want to study any chance he gets!

1. Assess Your Child’s Study Needs

How you choose to lay out your child’s study space can affect your child’s concentration levels, depending on your child’s personality.

Does your child find it easier to keep focused with a bit of ‘hustle and bustle’ than when he or she is in a quiet, secluded corner? If so, consider arranging your child’s study space in the corner of the family room or home office.

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2. Make Organization Cool

Make keeping studious and organized cool again by incorporating sophisticated desk designs, rugs in fun patterns and wall art featuring your child’s favorite color.

3. Start from the Bottom

If you want your child’s study space to feel energizing but not overwhelming, and/or peaceful but not boring, concentrate the darkest colors at the bottom, and go lighter as you work your way up. For example, pick a dark, heavy color for an area rug, a medium color for the desk and a lighter color for the walls and wall art. The pops of color invite inspiration and energy, while the gradual progression of depth promotes ease and unification.

4. Smarten Up the Furniture

Nothing says ‘cool’ quite like smart furniture designed for high-tech compatibility. Features to look for include desks with USB ports and AC outlets – both of which will streamline the process of keeping electronic study tools charged and easy to reach.

5. Make a Small Space Pop

Give your child a study space to match his or her imagination – no matter how big or small the size of the physical space. Opt for defining silhouettes and art that pops to create a study nook that stands out and inspires.

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