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10 Dining Room Storage Ideas for Easy Mealtimes — and Cleanup

Need a storage solution for cutlery, dinnerware, serveware and linens? Wondering how to display your china and glassware? Find the right functionality for your dining space here.

A classic, the cart design, a wheeled tier of trays designed to hold drinks, dishes, tablecloths, napkins and more, is handy for its mobility. Wheel it around the kitchen and into the dining room to move dishes for serving, then back again for cleaning.

Additional Storage Carts

With baskets, with shelves, with wheels, with handles. The details of a kitchen island are up to you and your storage needs. There are plenty of options to pick from, each one providing a different storage purpose, such as for bottles only, flatware, or bigger, clunkier items that need more flat counter space and less compartments.

Clutter-Free Kitchen Islands

Meant as a display case for fine china, large platters or bowls, curio cabinets function as both decor and storage. Take advantage of the shelving to stack up plates, saucers, and stackable teacups or mugs, freeing up your built-in cabinets and counter space for more kitchen essentials as you do so.

Crockery Curios

The grandaddy of them all, sideboards are the biggest way to store your dining things, from plates to linens to glassware to candleholders. There’s a drawer, cabinet, shelf or hutch in every sideboard; the design usually runs the length of the wall (and flush with it) to fit in even more compartments and other storage space than the typical kitchen island or bar cabinet.

Extra Storage Sideboards

An airy, light design, of the kind you would find in a cafe or coffee shop, the bakers rack design is conscientious of floor space, extending tall and slim. Use it to bring a dainty look to your kitchen or dining room, and adorn with coffee cups, bakeware and more.

Bakers Racks Storage Units

Wine cabinets often come with bottle storage (small individual cubbies), but these work for just about any bottle-shaped item you can think of. If you don’t consume alcohol, or just want to bring in a unique storage perspective, try using these to store: apple cider, water, dish towels, rolling pins, oils and vinegars!

Tableware + Wine Cabinets

The best kind of storage is the kind that doubles up as something else. In this case, the something else is the table. Counter height sets with built-in shelves make life easier. (As in — no more running back and forth from kitchen to dining room to set the table . . . all the essentials are in the table!)

Small Dining Room Counter Sets With Storage

A sleek case like this is convenient for at-home dinner parties, everyday counter storage and on-the-go drinks. Whether you’re entertaining a group or picnicking solo, chic materials like leather are the cherry on top of this dining design, making wine storage an effortless style statement.

Wine Holder Storage Options

If you don’t want to waste an inch of floor or counter space, make the walls function as storage. Hang baskets and shelves to store things like recipe books and jars of pantry staples. For even more ways to organize, try wall hooks — from which you’ll be able to hang mixing spoons, whisks and measuring cups.

Wall Shelves to Save Floor Space

Airy and light, baskets come in jumbo sizes for just about anything you can think of — wine bottles, towels, plates and more. And leave behind the notion that storage baskets are for laundry or toys. Those jute and seagrass woven designs aren’t the only ones to choose from; take your pick of sleek all-metal types that are industrial, rolling and more appropriate (and cleanable) for dining-savvy style.

Basket Storage Space

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