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13 Home Office Storage Ideas

A place for everything and everything in its place. Whether your day job has taken over the dining room or your budding astronaut needs a place to learn multiplication tables, we've got 13 home office storage ideas so you can keep needed items close at hand.

File Cabinet

Gone are the clunky metal cabinets of yesteryear. Today's home office filing cabinets are stylish, sleek, and intended to blend seamlessly into your decor. Control paper clutter, house vases, stow away personal items or display art pieces on top to complement your decor.

Desk with Drawers

Using the dining room table may be okay in a pinch, but you likely need a more permanent workspace. Desks with drawers allow you the surface area to engage productively while giving you spots to store pens, notepads, and possibly that secret stash of chocolate no one's supposed to know about...

Desk with Piers

For an industrial vibe, consider a desk with piers; not only does this expand your storage options for books and files, but it allows your wall finish to show through. When styling one, consider draping string lights or colorful buntings on the framework to add a pop of style to your space.

Executive Desk

For the home office with more square feet to work with, make a statement with an executive desk. These desks provide ample surface area for elbow room and lots of drawers to make controlling office clutter a breeze.


Not just for entertaining buffet-style or holding up your television set, credenzas in the home office can expand work surface area and provide storage for bulkier office supplies like copy paper and electronic equipment.

Pen Organizers

Never be far from your favorite writing implement. For whimsy, use a variety of containers, from jars to mugs to low-profile vases, as pen organizers. For a more sleek look, choose several identical containers to further sort into pens, pencils, and markers.


Slide reference materials, policy manuals and a favorite novel or two for breaktime onto bookshelves; further organize your office space by utilizing file folder boxes to keep paper clutter to a minimum. Finally, scatter planters of succulents or vining plants throughout the shelves to green things up a bit!

Floating Shelf

Go high with your storage. Use a floating shelf to add space for lighter items, like those pen containers, and add some family photos or inspirational artwork to pep up your motivation.

Room Divider

If you share your workspace with a living area, delineate the space and add some privacy with a room divider. Choose a decorative divider that complements your style. Alternatively, you can arrange bookshelves and area rugs to map out the boundaries of your home office.


Tall or short, cabinets can extend surface space and provide extra storage. Add a couple of simple bar stools alongside a low-profile piece, turning the cabinetry into a temporary desktop so a child or roommate can cozy up and work on their own projects.

Desk with Shelves

Use wall space effectively by choosing a desk with shelves. A bonus for smaller spaces, the desk/shelving combo may save the need for a separate bookcase. For printers, modems, books, or art, these designs provide endless opportunities to keep things organized.

Up Surface Area with Counter Space

Need even more space to spread out? Increase available countertop area with the addition of a table, bedroom dresser, or credenza style piece, and organize the clutter with pen caddies, drawer dividers, or file boxes.

Desk With Hutch

Give your eyes a break from the screen once in a while — look up! Desks with hutches provide vertical space to decorate and storage via shelves or cabinets to hide clutter or secure private items while still providing ample workspace and style.

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Home Office Storage Ideas

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