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Small Space Storage: Designer-Approved Organizing Tips

When it comes to small spaces, keeping organized is essential to maintaining a fresh, welcoming home – but keeping organized can feel almost impossible to do without a lot of room to work with. We would say it’s the ultimate catch-22 – if it weren’t for these super simple small space storage tips.
To help build the following guide on small-space organization, we worked with Emilie Baltorinic, professional interior designer with a knack for organizing and refreshing tight quarters. Incorporate these ideas into a kid’s room, small living room or even a studio apartment to help eliminate clutter in a streamlined manner – and restore harmony to your living space.

If you're looking to save space with minimal designs that also double as convenient organizational tools, look no further than the storage bed.

In the storage beds above, drawers pull out from both the side paneling and footboard itself to reveal spacious compartments.

Emilie's tip: "Storage beds are a perfect solution for storing your winter blankets or a time-capsule wardrobe that you may not have sufficient space for in a closet. Doubling up on functionality of your furniture pieces is everything in a small space."

Choose a dresser based on your storage needs. Do you need to organize clothes, linens and other bulkier items? If so, choose a piece with two or three extra-spacious drawers. If, on the other hand, you are looking to store mostly items like jewelry, sunglasses, electronics or toiletries, then you’re better off with a dresser that is made up of smaller compartments.

Emilie’s tip: “You can get creative with a dresser. If you don’t have enough space in the bedroom, or live in a studio apartment, you can double up your dresser as a TV Console or utilize vertical space by choosing a chest instead.”

Reconsider the traditional nightstand. Opt for taller nightstands that can store more items than the typical 2-drawer model. You can even swap out the nightstand altogether for a slim dresser or gentleman’s chest beside your bed.

If you can't part with the classic look of a traditional nightstand, consider one with innovative storage features – such as shelf space for books, jewelry and other items in between the two drawers.

Emilie's tip: "When selecting a nightstand, think about things you'd want in close vicinity. If you read before bed, you may want to opt for a nightstand that has a shelf to store a few books."

Incorporate the concept of 'drawers as décor.' Look for designs that blend in with your home style and create visually-pleasing points of focus. This will allow you to incorporate all the storage space you need within your room without it looking out of place.

Emilie's tip: "Stick with one finish, texture or style that brings the room together."


Look for furniture pieces that have 'something to hide.' In the photos below, the ottoman and coffee table lift up from the top to reveal inner storage space.

Emilie's tip: "A storage coffee table or ottoman is an ideal place to store your remotes, magazines, your family photo albums, or anything else that doesn't need to be displayed or doesn't add an aesthetic appeal to your small space."

Emilie's tip:

"Installing a couple of wall hooks is an effortless way to organize hats, coats and purses without cluttering drawers and counters. It's important to find balance and spacing that works for the item you are hanging, as it will create visual appeal and also naturally function as wall décor."

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