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Luxury Dining Rooms to Heighten Mealtimes

Live it up with these luxury ideas for the dining room.
A Bar Cabinet Fit for a Bougie Bistro

Imagine the following scenario.

It’s a lovely, clear night. Out on the patio, the stars are twinkling and not a cloud’s in the sky. Guests, who happened to be in town, had dropped by to say ‘hi.’ But thanks to the drinks and snacks you whipped out on the fly, made all the more exquisite by a rich wood dining set, a simple ‘hi’ has turned into hours of ebullience. Bar cabinets like the one pictured here are the *chef’s kiss* finishing touch for a night of dining and entertaining that feels luxuriously five-star.

Modern + Minimal
Luxury is less. It means a life where full, deep breaths are easy to come by – and even easier to exhale. When the air is clean, the future is bright, and the best way to come by this lifestyle is via simplicity. Armless chairs, sleek benches and pedestal tables don’t need added details; they’re luxurious in and of themselves.
Dark Walls
A new shade of paint can make an old house feel like a just-renovated model home. For the luxury aesthetic, go dark: charcoal is in, as it’s just heavy enough for a rich feel while still light enough to contrast with black dining chairs.
Tufted Chairs
Tufted upholstery feels posh in all the right ways. Adding texture, pattern and a more comfortable backrest, the stitching technique involves careful craftsmanship – and it shows. Elevate your sitting area with diamond, biscuit or button tufted dining chairs.
Covered Chairs
Slipcovered chairs (the chairs at each end of the table), are a throwback of sorts to royal family seating, where the heads of the families (the kings and queens) would sit opposite each other – in seats set apart from the others. A little bit regal and a little bit modern, the fabric of luxury is quite literally made of that: fabric.
Shag Fur Rug
Morning dining can be a luxury, too. When a rich shag rug, velvety soft chairs and a sleek stone table greet you for breakfast coffee, the day ahead is paved with elegance.

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