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9 Black Velvet Bedroom Ideas

Black velvet bedrooms offer a high-end feel, and these ideas are easy to replicate. Get the look of these soft and rich upholstered pieces — benches, stools and chairs — for a blackout look that's draped in velvet and style.

1. Black and Gold

The contrast of metallics with the softest material known to humankind (at, least, we say), is one you'll want to keep staring at even when trends fade away.

2. Black Velvet Pillow

We asked our designer Adrian Palacios for the best way to refresh a bedroom in all-black and all-velvet. His first piece of advice is to "start small. A throw pillow is a cost-effective accent that can still refresh an entire bedroom."

3. Black Velvet Bedroom Seating

For those wanting a bolder statement, Adrian is quick to recommend a bench. "The bedroom chair is what most people go to for seating, but I love recommending a bench as an alternative. It's stylish, different and, in black velvet, adds ultimate luxury."

4. Storage

Sneaking in style in any shape and form is what inteiror design is all about. No less for a black velvet bedroom, where a storage stool can look the part while providing function.

5. Contrast Pattern

A black velvet chair or stool sometimes needs pops of fun patterns to tone down the sophistication. Use fun colors, like green and pink, to contrast and lessen a dramatic impact.

6. Simple Monochrome

Black velvet sometimes also needs its own space, and a minimized surrounding, in neutrals, can keep the impact on the drama.

7. A Bit of Rebellion

A feminine bedroom can feel light and airy and is why colors like pinks and pastels are often recommended. But if you want to disrupt the aesthetic, a darker, richer, bolder statement is more than welcome.

8. Contrast in Fabrics

Cotton bedding or pillows and natural fiber rugs look stately when placed with anything black velvet!

9. Shiny Details

Let your decorative freak flag fly with the details. Shiny gold accents, such as a golden base to a velvet pouf, feel fresh.

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