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French Country Decor Tips That Will Make You Go Oh Là Là

We’re all looking for an escape these days, so why not make your home a haven that feels like a permanent vacation? With its blend of old world charm and timeless elegance, one style that will ensure you feel truly transported is French country. Just like the name suggests, it’s directly inspired by the French countryside, particularly Provence. In addition to embracing the natural beauty of the outdoors, French country decor celebrates traditional details, resulting in a look that’s rustic yet refined.

Antique Influence

One of the hallmarks of a French Country home is an air of antique character. Everything old is new when it comes to this style, so bringing in plenty of pieces that have a sense of tradition is paramount. In a French Country bedroom, that means finding furniture with features like moldings and carvings, scrolls and rosettes.

Neutral Palette

Color is a defining factor in any style, and when it comes to French Country, it’s actually the absence of color that makes a statement. Neutral tones are key, so the more subdued and subtle your palette, the better. Tans, creams, blacks, greys and browns are the hues you want to stick to, so you can maintain a calming ambiance.

Natural Textures

The “country” part of French Country style calls for bringing the outdoors in with an abundance of natural textures. From reclaimed woods and stones, to jutes and linens, these materials add an organic warmth that captures the character of the countryside. These rugged touches are what will truly transform your space.

Elegant Details

French design is rich with historical notes and formal touches that add a sense of gravitas. To transition that into a modern French Country look, you still want to keep things refined yet refreshed. Accents like grand chandeliers, floral rugs, turned chair legs, and a fireplace mantel with original carvings help incorporate the elegance you need to achieve this style.

Curve Appeal

When you’re planning out your French Country living room furniture, lines are one of the most important things to keep in mind. You want them to be fluid and flowing, so designs like a Chesterfield sofa are the perfect choice. With dramatic roll arms and deep tufting, this classic piece brings French femininity.

Weathered Finishes

French Country decor ideas that are worth their weight in gold include anything that mentions having weathered finishes. It’s items that feel aged and lived-in that help create the warm, cozy atmosphere you’re looking for in any French Country interior, so be sure to find designs with rustic, rugged elements.

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