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19 Living Room Color Schemes to Fantasize Over

If dreaming up new ways to decorate is your pastime, expect to get a healthy fix of dopamine within the next few seconds. We’ve compiled all of the best living room color combinations imaginable – to get you on the fast-track to your decorating happy place.
1. Cool Grey + Warm Neutrals
Starting off safe: an all-neutral base turns the spotlight on the cool tones of an upholstered grey sofa. But really, “grey” here is too simple of a word; paired with a beige rug, black tables and white walls, “grey” feels more like a refreshing splash of silver.
The deep orange tones of these throw pillows feel like the decorating equivalent of a late summer sunset. Contrast with a mocha-brown throw blanket for added coziness.
3. Natural Wood + Black Leather
No material exudes more of a natural air than wood, and no material exudes more classicism than black leather. Pair the two together, and you get a combination sent straight from the decorating gods.
handsome grey upholstery
4. Handsome Grey Upholstery
Grey, but make it dark: this is the winning formula for a living room color palette. You can’t go wrong with neutrals, and dark anything immediately feels more elegant.
5. Almost-Black Grey Chairs
This dark grey sofa chair is an example of elegant modernism. Note the wood legs and tables to soften the intensity imposed by the grey. White accents like the table lamp and walls brighten the look.
6. Cozy-Cabin Leather Vibes
An earthy greige takes over this living room aesthetic thanks to grounding textures. Wood, leather, cozy wool rug: and if the materials aren’t enough, mountain wall art turns up the cabiny feels.
7. All-Natural Wood Vibes
If you want the natural palette of wood to be the center of focus, keep it unpainted and ideally unrefined. Authentic charm is most seen when grains are visible, colors are uneven and textures are knotty.
8. Auburn Glow
This pretty space lives in the details: a bright back wall panel, warm coastal rug and punchy blue accents breathe life. A soft, quiet, unobtrusive sofa color (here, it’s light grey) makes the perfect complement to an auburn-tinted living room palette such as this one.
9. Animal Motifs + Desert Colors
Animal wall art and the habitats that go with it – think leather sofas, cactus plants and hide rugs – presents its own kind of color palette. In the living room, these airy neutrals will make you feel like you’re right there in the Sahara (or the Amazon, or wherever you choose to transport your style).
10. Goth Black Paint + Furniture
Sad, depressing, verging-on-evil? For black decor, these associations are no more. Defining, sleek, edgy and bold, the darker the hue nowadays, the more on-trend and refreshing.
11. Coastal White Hues
This gorgeous palette reminds us of the foam just at wave-break – with reflections of a high-noon sun in an airy sky. In a white living room, a brown coffee table proves a necessary focal point.
light as air fabrics
12. Light-as-Air Fabrics
Greys come in all shapes and sizes (that is, to speak figuratively. Literally, they just come in different shades). This particularly gorgeous shade doesn’t ask but demands a calming presence. Topped off with warm brown notes in the chair legs and rug, it’s a color palette anyone can appreciate.
13. Blue Brick
White and blue catch the eye and play off each other. In the living room, they feel inviting and refreshing. For a different spin on this color combo, skip the blue furniture and paint an entire wall in your favorite shade of blue.
14. By-the-Sea Blue
Blue is symbolic of water, which can go either direction in decor: mountains lakes or beach oceans. Here, the answer is in the home accents (see sea-grassl plant and rattan lampshade.)
15. Seeing Silver
Taking in this vignette is like watching a star-studded fireworks show against a night sky. Bursts of gold, silver, black and deep blue add a peripheral elegance. Meanwhile, fresh plants and natural textures bring a crisp-air effect.
16. Golden Stripe Wall
Light is a superhero. It can bring to light colors you never even knew existed in your home. For instance, a wood panel wall in a room with no natural light will look completely different once window shades are pulled up; its subtle natural sheen will suddenly feel like prisms of gleaming gold.
monochrome minimalist
17. Monochrome Minimalist
Minimalism means less is more. In this context, less colors is more clarity. The perfect balance of color and neutrals gives off simplicity-as-aesthetic.
18. Blushing Red Drapes
Nothing’s better than those few minutes right before the curtains pull up and the show begins – when you’re left with the anticipation of showmanship, drama and all the glamor of theater. While you can’t exactly bottle it, you can recreate it in decor. These heavy red drapes fit the (play)bill.
19. Vibrant Palm Green Wall Art
A pop of bright green takes over a living room color palette like nobody’s business. Make it palm trees, and instead of a living room you’ve got yourself a refreshing vacay resort.

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