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4 Stunning Uses of Indoor Lighting

The right lamp – and the right way to style it – can change the aesthetic of an entire room. Whether you are looking for just a hint of soft shine in a cozy dining room or bold illumination for a large living room, get inspired – and effortlessly light up your style – with these stunning uses of indoor lamps, pendants, chandeliers and more. Happy lighting!

1. The Country Rustic Pendant

The architectural design of a bronze rectangle pendant will bring a rustic charm to any space – especially when hung above a country-chic dining set. Keep the focus on the rugged appeal of the unfinished wood and metal, or soften the aesthetic with a cozy area rug.

Indoor Lighting Style Tip:

If your style leans more industrial, leave out the glass paneling of a metal pendant for an edgier look.

indoor lighting Hang a bronze pendant with an exposed frame, sleek glass paneling and four light bulbs to seal in a country-chic ambiance.
living room chandeleir A stunning display of chandeliers will captivate guests with eclectic charm. Play with varying levels of height for an effortlessly layered look.

2. The Eclectic Chandelier

Chandeliers are not just for providing light – they are stunning works of art in and of themselves – especially when hung in groups! For a bohemian-inspired vibe, hang two or three chandeliers in different styles above a quaint buffet server, and add in a floor or table lamp for a subtle contrast of shape and balance.

Indoor Lighting Style Tip:

An array of chandeliers can draw the eye upward, while an area rug in a bold color or pattern provides a balanced center of focus.

3. The Modern Drum Shade

The relaxed fabric and soft yellow lighting of simple pendant (like the one pictured to the right) brings a sleek modern appeal to any room. Opt for a drum shade in bright white or ivory to cool down the room’s color temperature; to bring out a softer glow, stick to warmer hues like black or grey.

Indoor Lighting Style Tip:

Contrast the sleek silhouette of a modern drum shade with rounded shapes; arched windows, a circular table and a bulbous table lamp will soften the aesthetic.

living room lamp The ornate details and rich color of a traditional floor lamp will offset light wood paneling and walls for a touch of warmth and definition. 

4. The Ornate Floor Lamp

A traditional room isn’t complete without ornate details, and there is perhaps no better way to display them than on a stunning floor lamp. Look for turned silhouettes and engraved trimmings, like elegant curves and scallops, and consider pairing it with an embellished chandelier (pictured), for the ultimate in traditional style.

Indoor Lighting Style Tip:

Chandeliers, lamps and pendants are not the only sources of indoor lighting; for a cozy glow to complement a statement floor lamp, place a couple of rustic candle holders on a bold coffee table.

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