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20 'Idea Lightbulb' Ideas to Think of Every Time You Turn On a Lamp

‘Ping!” Hear that? It’s the sound of your brain working – the audio equivalent of an idea lightbulb turning on. It’s a sound you’re about to hear a few more times – well, 20 more times, to be exact – thanks to this savvy list of Idea Lightbulb ideas to think of every time you turn on a lamp!

1. Start sprinkling cinnamon in your morning oatmeal.

2. Laura Palmer may have dreamt the entire Twin Peaks series – but Terence Malik for sure dreamt David Lynch for sure dreaming Laura Palmer maybe dreaming it.
3. The dance sequence from ­­Dirty Dancing you’ve been trying to nail would be so much easier if you did it with a partner.
4. There’s no better karaoke song than Don’t Stop Believin’. Make it your go-to from here on out.
5. Your current coffee table is pretty great – but it would be even better if it lifted from the top to provide extra storage space. 

6. An adjustable base. It’s a great idea.
7. The trundle of a trundle bed doesn’t have to be for a mattress. It can also be used for storage.
8. It’s a tight competition, but between the family dog and your faux fur throw, the throw makes the best cuddle-buddy, every time.
9. There should be a bar where if you want tap beer, you have to tap dance.
10. Leonardo Da Vinci wrapped in plastic = “rap artist” (and next year’s Halloween costume).
11. ‘Cher shares her chairs’ is a fun tongue-twister.
12. Cher’s chairs are probably super-bold and fun. 
13. Keep one of those small cardboard cartons of dry pudding mix on you at all times. In it, place a little sheet of paper that says ‘proof.’ The next time someone dares to question your judgment about any matter, simply hand them the box and say, “the proof is in the pudding.” 
14. Perhaps relying on an article for “idea lightbulb” ideas isn’t such a good idea.
15. Nah, it’s pretty awesome.
16. A smart lamp that spouted out ideas for you every time you turn it on = best idea ever?
17. Hey Alexa, why are lightbulbs associated with ideas, anyway?
18. A coffee table made of coffee beans, because words should match up with their meanings, right? (Also, a coffee shop with furniture made entirely of coffee beans.) 
19. Take colorful lightbulbs with you on vacation, and screw them into your hotel room's lamps for instant, colorful nightclub vibes. 
20. The next time you’re in need of a good idea, but want to save on electricity, skip turning on a lamp. Instead head over to Living Spaces’ Ideas & Advice section – the best “idea” of all!

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