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Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Soaring Style

These ceiling lighting ideas are timeless – while still fitting in with the latest trends.

Did you know that how big a room feels has a lot to do with where and how much attention is focused? In particular, failing to draw the eye upward toward the ceiling will keep attentions down – constricting a spacious feel. 

One of the easiest ways to show the full height of your room some appreciation – and encourage an overall airier feel – is through ceiling lighting.

Some of the most popular types of hanging fixtures, pendants and chandeliers make it easy to add practical lighting, on-trend style...

...and a more open, spacious feeling to any room.

While ceiling lighting styles come in wide varieties (think anything from contemporary farmhouse to traditional glam!), they (and pendants in particular) are most often used to bring a touch of vintage

This stems back to the fact that pendants were high in both supply and demand during the war-torn years of the mid-century, thanks to their affordable, efficient designs.

Now, pendants aren’t just for the minimalist; with newer designs (in both pendants and chandeliers) featuring more eye-catching details like bold-tinted glass and intricate weaves, ceiling lighting has gone from purely practical to statement stylish.

But even amidst the more contemporary, the popularity of the more vintage continues to increase, as does a collective gravitation toward nostalgia.

Practical silhouettes and distressed finishes are just a couple of the features of retro-inspired lighting – and create just as chic as a feel as even the latest trends.

Perhaps it is because they’re a reminder of simpler times, when life moved slower and everything seemed to feel a little rosier, that these “vintage” designs have secured for themselves a leading place in contemporary lighting styles; or, perhaps it is simply because they give off such a timeless and versatile aesthetic.

Either way, we’re loving the trend!

Ceiling Lighting Ideas

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