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Mediterranean Decor Ideas - Defining the Style

Need some décor therapy? Here are some Mediterranean decor ideas to reignite your love for the romantic coastline.

What Is Mediterranean Style?

Mediterranean style is the style of decor influenced by the architecture and aesthetic of the homes built along the Mediterranean coast. Countries like Spain, Greece and Morocco bring their cultural influences to the style.

Simplicity is a major part of Mediterranean living. The climate is beautiful and the attitude is laidback; This is reflected in choices of colors, designs, materials and patterns.

Mediterranean Home Decor Tips

  • Think in ‘vacation mode.’ Mediterranean style blurs the lines between ‘dream vacation rental’ and ‘regular home.’ It forces us to ask ourselves, ‘why can’t coastal-infused, European-inspired designs be a part of everyday life?’
  • Recreate the view. If your home is away from the coast, recreate the scenic view via ocean wall art.
  • Favor warm-weather materials. Stucco, wrought iron and indoor-outdoor materials like rattan and jute are motifs of the style.

Create a Mediterranean Color Palette

Depending on the exact country you’re in, color palettes and motifs differ – but generally, it’s light. Most authentic Mediterranean homes sit under a harsh sun all day, so whites and light, bright colors are favored. Think yellow, blue, green, natural stone and lots of stucco white walls – with a terracotta roof or two thrown in.

Mediterranean Style

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