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Best Kids Rugs of 2024: Top-Rated Rugs for Toddlers

From tracking in dirt to art project leftovers, kids bring a little bit of chaos in even the most nicely-decorated of spaces. Here, we're helping parents out with the most stubborn, durable, stylish and cozy rugs that are easy to keep clean. Shop the list for the easiest places to buy the best rugs for playroom, kids bedrooms and more. See sizes (4x6 is usually the best for a little kid's space), pro recommendations from designer Pamela Oleson, and top-ratings, all sorted by categories divided into style, washability + more.

Best Overall (Easiest to Play On)

1. Grey Stripe

Best Features: - high-quality fiber material - large rug size

Size: 79"W x 114"D x 1"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "This indoor-outdoor rug stands up to just about every mess, paint, crayon, apple juice, you-name-it spill imaginable. It's easy to clean and great for playrooms." - Pamela Oleson, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Just the right size... And I ordered another to complement the first one! Very pleased with the transaction and rugs. I may buy another!" - Troonster

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Pop of Color

2. Wonderland Aztec Pink/Blue

Best Features: - colorful rug - low pile - multicolor fibers

Size: 63"W x 87"D x 0.39"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "The geometric lines create a 3D aesthetic that's simple fun for all ages." - Pamela Oleson, LS Designer

Featured Review: "So many complimenting colors allows for lots of options to match decorations!" - Kristin55

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3. Esme Modern Blush

Best Features: - high quality fiber and polyester - low pile - perfect rug for high traffic

Size: 60"W x 90"D x 0.39"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "In a girls' bedroom! The traditional feminine color is so timelessly pretty and one she can grow into." - Pamela Oleson, LS Designer

Featured Review (for the Grey version of the Esme): "Very soft and great pattern. It looks and feels beautiful." - Kayo R

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Coolest Playful Pattern

4. Galaxy Swirl Denim

Best Features: - polypropylene - thick rug that is soft and comfy

Size: 96"W x 120"D x 1"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "The sad beige look that's everywhere on social media? This rug kicks the obsession with boring neutrals to the curb. Use it to spark imagination and creativity in a make-believe bedroom space." - Pamela Oleson, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Nice carpet, soft & beautifully made! I would recommend this!" - Corianna

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5. Reece Trellis Grey

Best Features: - soft and luxurious - fits seamlessly into any decor - perfect rug to add sophistication to kid-friendly rooms

Size: 92"W x 114"D x 1"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "The soothing lines feel sophisticated for older kids. And for those on a budget: it's affordable and easy to shop in just a few clicks — with parcel shipment." - Pamela Oleson, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Comfortable and soft this rug looks good and is very comfortable to stand on." - A Gam

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Kid-Friendly Rugs for the Play Area

Kids’ Area Rugs in Solid Color

What is the best material for a rug for kids?

Choosing the right material for a rug in a child's room is crucial for both safety and practicality. Here are some of the best materials to consider:

1. Wool 

  • Durability: Wool is naturally durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for kids' rooms.
  • Softness: It is soft underfoot, providing comfort for playtime. Safety: Wool is naturally flame-resistant and non-toxic.
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, though it may require occasional professional cleaning.

2. Cotton

  • Affordability: Cotton rugs are generally more affordable than wool.
  • Softness: Soft and comfortable for children to play on.
  • Washable: Many cotton rugs are machine-washable, making them easy to clean.
  • Variety: Available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

3. Polypropylene

  • Durability: Extremely durable and resistant to stains and spills, perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean with a vacuum or damp cloth.
  • Safety: Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, safe for children.
  • Affordability: Budget-friendly option.

4. Jute

  • Eco-Friendly: Jute is a natural fiber that’s biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Durability: Very durable but rougher than wool or cotton.
  • Aesthetics: Offers a rustic, natural look.

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