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18 Sunroom Ideas That Bask in the Daylight

From dawn to dusk, a bright, clear sky (in all of its glory) is the most powerful energy force. In interior design, it awakens every nook and cranny. Whether you’re looking for simple ways to enhance natural light in your home or want to design a window-heavy addition from scratch – these sunroom ideas will get you there.

1. The Indoor/Outdoor Sunroom

This sunroom (the featured room throughout most of the rest of this article) contains a mix of indoor and outdoor furniture and materials – making it an easy template for both indoor sunrooms and patios. The color scheme, a mix of light grey and reddish-brown, is perfect for any area where sunlight soaks, as the colors don’t easily fade. (And even if they do fade, it won’t look weird, since the colors are natural and already rustic.)

2. A Mini Garden

Everyone knows that plants need sun – but when it comes to style, the reverse is also true! A room filled with natural light is practically begging for plants and plant accessories, and a sunroom is the perfect excuse to splurge on a miniature indoor garden. Bring in little planters and pots, and fill them with the kinds of plants that need direct sunlight – and which you wouldn’t be able to grow in other parts of the house!

3. Rustic-Chic Storage

Rustic-chic end tables with drawers are the only way we know how to keep a sunroom organized. Use one to store magazines and books – if you’re the type who likes to bask in the sun while reading all day. If your sunroom is more of a buffer between your outdoor garden and your indoors, this is also a great place to store gardening books, gloves, packets of seeds and other not-so-messy gardening essentials.

4. Tie-Up Shades

In a sunroom, these shades are a vision! We’re loving the way the natural texture and color play off of and filter the harsh sunlight. Also, the tie-up function gives it an extra rustic feel.

5. Light Brown

This light brown accent chair is fresh in color and texture, and its lightness reciprocates the flood of sun. We’re also loving the inner cushion for contrast – and the perfect place to relax in a sunroom.

6. Dark Brown

On the other hand, a darker shade of brown gets cozier – the perfect complement for wintertime sunroom décor. Here, a dark wood stain stands out in a mostly grey and white palette.

7. Coffee Table Storage

If a sunroom isn’t organized, it’s missing the point. (A sunroom should be a place of relaxation and presence, where natural sunlight is the main focus.) If you have to, bring in another storage design; along with the storage end table, this storage coffee table provides easy organization on two different levels – a bottom shelf and top drawers.

8. Sunroom Supplies

Another purpose of a sunroom is to mesh the outdoor with the indoors; it’s a little bit of both and not entirely one or the other. If you’re a gardener, use a storage coffee table to hold gardening supplies. If your garden is in the sunroom itself, this makes it easier than ever to keep it maintained!

9. Fresh Floors

A good rug is often not noticed at first – it commits to pulling an entire room together and providing contrast for everything else to shine. When examined up close, though, a good rug will also shine in its own right. Here, tight stitching, durable texture and a chic diamond pattern make it “modern sunroom-approved.”

10. Candle Lanterns

A sunroom in the early morning is like nothing else. But even better than that is sneaking into a sunroom before the sun rises to get in a good pre-dawn meditation sesh. While it’s still dark, set the mood by lighting a candle lantern; as the sunshine starts to set in, you can blow out the candle – but keep the lantern to serve as pretty decor throughout the day!

11. Terracotta

In a rustic-chic sunroom, a set of terracotta planters is a must. Terracotta, a type of red clay synonymous with rustic Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean styles, brings tons of indoor-outdoor energy. Plus, its natural red color brightens up a neutral color palette.

12. Wicker Furniture

This wicker sofa does not have to be a stranger to the elements – it was designed for outdoor use! In a sunroom, use furniture designed for outdoors to create an outdoors-in feel. Wicker is a versatile option that feels stylish in any space. (Wicker’s association with summertime also means that even on a cloudy day, your sunroom will still feel sunny!)

More Sunroom Ideas to Try

13. Island Getaway

Turn your sunroom into an island getaway with tropical indoor trees, ocean wall art and bright pillows. Use it to “get away” from the rest of the house and bask in the natural light. (Hot tip: sunlight reflects off white, so in a sunroom, white walls will enhance the energy!)

14. The Modern Sunroom

‘Sunroom’ can technically mean anything from gardening shed to a room of the house with large windows. The sunroom above plays to the latter of the two meanings, and takes it to a modern level with sleek, dark furniture and decor. No stone is left unturned – even the window panes themselves are mod black.

15. A Mix of Elements

A natural light-filled space means that every detail gets a chance to shine. Here, the details are a mix of the old and the new, creating an eclectic sum of its parts. From the coastal-wood bookcase to the rustic brick wall to the modern grey fabric, each piece of décor here brings its own value to the party.

16. Reflective Lenses

Every good sunroom needs a statement wall mirror – for one, it will catch the natural light and enhance the brightness of the space all the more. It’s also an easy wall space-filler, since reflective glass goes with every color on the color wheel.

17. Light and White Palette

To really maximize a bright space, stick to white fabrics and light woods. (A darker sofa wouldn’t absorb light as easily, and this room wouldn’t feel as bright.)

18. Sun Beaten

Light beige is another color that won’t ever look ‘faded’ – no matter how hard the sun beats upon it. In a sunroom, beige feels perfect for another reason: in the natural world, where there is sand, there has always been sun!

Sunroom Ideas

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