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Our 4 Top Takeaways from “Get Organized with The Home Edit”

Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, home organization has been elevated to an artform, and those who have mastered the art are bona fide superstars. Decluttering divas like Marie Kondo are even inspiring us on screen, and the latest duo to join her ranks includes Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit. Their Netflix show “Get Organized with The Home Edit” follows this team as they transform the closets, pantries, garages and kitchens of celebrities and regular folks alike. We binge-watched season 1 with glee, and now we’re sharing our top 4 takeaways.


Before you tackle the actual organization process, The Home Edit team advises that you must take the time to tidy up and get rid of stuff. Whether you prefer the KonMari method, or you have your own personal way of determining what stays and what goes, decluttering is an essential step when it comes to home organization, and in the grand scheme of organizing tips, this is probably the most important task.


After you purge and pare everything down to what you can’t live without, it’s time to move on to categorization. If you’re working on organizing your office, that means color-coding and separating your books from your papers, your pens from your pencils, etc. and setting up a filing system to get important documents in order. As far as room organization ideas are concerned, incorporating categories is the best way to help you arrange things logically and find them easily. Another key element of this step? Labeling.


Perhaps the most crucial storage and organization essentials are the containers you’ll use to keep everything nice and neat. The ladies of The Home Edit favor all things clear and transparent, so you can actually see what you have. You can also opt for bins and baskets that match to create a consistent, coordinated, cohesive look. Investing in functional and fashionable home organizers will take any space over the top.


Similar to categorizing, ensuring everything has a specially dedicated, defined zone will bring your home organization game to the next level. In an office, you can create sections for paying bills, as well as arranging medical records, insurance papers, personal documents, etc. You can also divide up shelves and cabinets by the purpose they serve. The more determined you are to maintain this method of organization, the better your space will look and function.

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