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Take the day off — or put it on. Whether you're coming or going, these hall tree ideas remain a stable place to store, organize and let the essentials of your life hang freely.
1. Farmhouse, Rustic Style
The rustic nature of this wood will let you hang up a jacket or scarf — while making you feel like you're hanging up a smock or bonnet.
2. Deconstructed Hall Tree
"I myself define a hall tree as a space where hats, coats, keys, purses and going-out essentials are stored," interior designer Jessica Harris confides to us. She continues, dishing that "you can build a hall tree over time, with the right components. Start with a bench, and DIY the entry space with mounted coat hooks and an umbrella storage basket. You'll get the same kind of hall tree setup as an actual hall tree, without the price tag."
3. All-in-One
"The other route," Jessica continues, "offers the benefit of convenience. One-and-done hall trees with built-in-everything are the better option for those who have more things to store than they know what to do with."

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