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DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for a Gourd-geous Holiday

Gourdgeous DIY Thanksgiving crafts for a holiday you’ll never forget.

Gourd Candles

You Will Need:

- (2) or (3) Small pumpkins or squash

- (1) Melon baller

- (1) Tea light for each pumpkin or squash

- (1) Knife

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pumpkin crafts

Step 1:

Cut off the top of the gourd. Using the melon baller, hollow out a few inches. Make sure you leave enough space so that the tea light will rest level with the top of the gourd. It may help to measure the height of the tea light beforehand.

Step 2:

Remove the candle from its metal encasement.

Step 3:

Place the candle in the gourd’s newly carved-out hollow, and you’re done!

Tips: Start with a gourd with a deep depression on the top. This will make it so you will have to do minimal (or no) carving.

Thanksgiving Bar Cart

You Will Need:

- (1) Two- or three-shelf bar cart

- (2) or (3) Pumpkins of varying sizes

- (1) Handful of wheat ears

- (1) Large vase with flowers

- (2) or (3) Bottles of the drink of your choice

- Drinkware

Before you get started:

This Thanksgiving bar cart stands out for a reason. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed color, you’re right! Specifically, the unifying motif of one color – and, even more specifically, the seasonal, sophisticated hue that is gold.
So, using all the accessories listed above, stick to one holiday color. (Timeless favorites include woodsy brown, winter white and charcoal grey.)
If, for example, your bar cart is white, opt for white drinkware, a white vase, and white-tipped bottles. (Don’t worry about the aesthetic feeling boring or colorless. On a monotone bar cart, the little details, like red wine or green flowers, go a long way – and make a bold statement.)

Step 1:

Arrange the vase on the left or right corner of the top shelf. This will be your statement piece.

Step 2:

Group together the bottles on the opposite side, to balance the height created by the vase.

Step 3:

To ground, place the larger pumpkins on the lower shelf. Fill in empty spaces with the remaining accessories.

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