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13 Credenza Decor Ideas That Are Picture Perfect

Sometimes called a sideboard, cupboard or buffet, credenzas can become any room's statement piece with thoughtful design elements and styling. Whether you've inherited grandma's antique or scored a perfect new piece, consider these ideas to bring your credenza to life and show off your interior design skills.

1. Contrasting Color

Make a bold statement with contrasting colors. If your credenza is dark, add elements of lighter tones to the décor on top and the dishes or art pieces behind the glass. If your credenza sports a more "airy" construction, add some weight with darker lamp bases and a couple of heavier figurines.

2. Themed Flair

Play off your credenza's construction. Rustic wood pieces lend themselves to display succulents and statement art reflecting the piece's style. Create clusters of figurines and ornamental plants to add height and texture to the décor – or consider adding art elements behind the glass to draw the eye and balance the visual effect.

3. Symmetrical Lighting

Sideboards are great to tuck into a space with low lighting, as they provide plenty of surface area for task lighting and lamps. Matching sets on either side balance the look, while a mirror above the credenza helps reflect light into the room and provides and open feel around the piece.

4. Throwback Vibes

Minimalistic design and clean lines blend well with mid-century modern styles. Play off nature in your choice of lamps and credenza-top décor to soften the look: banch cuttings in a simple vase offer contrast and interesting textures.

5. Clutter-Less

Coordinating credenzas with your dining set or hutches brings a cohesive, clutter-free feel to your eating area. The long and low sideboard is perfect for displaying larger art above, setting up a buffet, or adding impact lighting. Store extra serving dishes and off-season décor behind closed doors or corral those board games for family night fun.

6. Play With Shape

If your space has many linear design elements (rectangle table, bench, bricks and credenza), play with circles and organic shapes to add interest; a large circular mirror or grand clock placed above a credenza adds visual interest. Vases, succulents and lampshades void of harsh lines can also soften the room.

7. Focal Point

A credenza top can become the room's main attraction when used to display impressive lamps or family heirlooms, or to ground a larger piece. Try balancing the lamp height with equally tall statuettes, which frames the mirror behind and draws the eye through the whole space.

8. Tone and Value

Showcase your finest art piece above a credenza; remember that frames that match the credenza's construction or even the hardware of the piece add cohesiveness. To keep the focus on the art, keep the sidebar's top clutter-free. (Adding a tray or dish to capture odds and ends helps with this!)

9. Small Footprint

Smaller credenzas are perfect for entryways and for tucking into spaces where extra storage is needed. Keep things simple with a single lamp and a couple of vases to avoid a cluttered feel.

10. Space for Serving

Create a home bar alongside your dining table. Display wine glasses and cork-top collections on top, and stash wine-tasting supplies inside. When placing a credenza in a dining area, leave about three feet between it and the table for foot traffic.

11. Placement Piece

Use your credenza to direct flow across a large room. Placement at a corner helps draw the eye through the floor plan and invites guests further into your home.

12. Artistic Punch

If your credenza is a work of art in and of itself, echo your favorite parts above it. Here, the mirror complements the curve of the arched door frame beautifully, as do the round vases. For an extra touch, add a functional tray for service at the ready!

13. Inner Beauty

Those glass doors (above) don't have to showcase your serving platters. Place artistic statement pieces, natural elements, and timepieces behind the glass for a more artistic flair.

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