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5 Home Office Ideas on a Budget + Setup Tricks

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people have had to start working from home. The new working model has brought with it new, unexpected challenges and expenses for many. Considering the number of hours spent working each day, a comfortable environment is paramount to well-being.

Among just some of the things to consider are adequate lighting, chair comfort and table height. Falling short on any of these can lead to stress and discomfort. Insufficient or overpowering lighting can lead to eye strain or even migraines; an uncomfortable chair or desk can lead to enduring back, neck and shoulder tension, resulting in pain.

However, not everyone is willing or able to spend a lot toward creating a home workspace. Keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box will be useful in creating a great home office on a budget. Let's have a look at some things to consider.

How to Cut Costs

Rather than impulsively rushing through the door to buy a whole new living room, consider exploring cheap, budget-friendly options first.

  • Use What You Have
You may find that you already have all or some of the things you need lying around the house in various disguises. Perhaps, the stand in your living room is the perfect height for a desk, or maybe your bedroom lamp offers just the right level of lighting for you to work comfortably for hours. Check around the house first, and don't be afraid to get creative.
  • Consider Antique Decorations to Complement the Furniture
Splurging on vintage décor can mean going well over budget, but if you want a truly rare piece to elevate your home office, there’s nothing wrong with browsing second-hand thrift stores. While it will be hit or miss, you just might get lucky with a centuries-old typewriter or even a record player – for a fraction of what you would have paid at an antiques shop.
  • Be Bargain Aware
Simply being aware of the savings and deals on the items you want can keep you on budget in the long run. Look out for store promotions and events, which are often held to keep stock flowing and rejuvenate supply. You might be fortunate enough to come across a great deal on a lamp, work desk, or office chair.

Improving Your Home Office

One strong positive about working from home is that you get to make all the décor and furniture organization decisions. Unlike at the office, you don't need to share the space with colleagues and have unlimited freedom to explore possibilities. It could be a good idea to try out new things while maintaining a focus on comfort and well-being.
  • Lighting
During the day, try to get as much as possible from the natural lighting. It might be a good idea to set your desk up by the biggest, brightest window in your home. Natural light is good for health as it keeps your hormones functioning optimally.
  • Desk
Whether or not you have a suitable desk is of great significance and will have a notable impact on your health and wellness. A standing desk could be a good option for those adverse to sitting for long hours. You might be able to use a standard shelf for this, provided you have one of appropriate height.

Last Thoughts

Having a comfortable working environment is of utmost importance if you want to maintain a positive relationship with your work. Working from home can pose new challenges for those used to an office environment. Get creative with your ideas – you don't need to break the bank.

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