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13 Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

From rural farmhouses to urban lofts, nothing greets guests like a downhome farmhouse kind of welcome. Discover fresh, modern farmhouse wall decor ideas and how to implement them into your home — no matter where you dwell.

1. Coffee Lovers

Let everyone know your obsession with the all-time farmhouse beverage. Tuck a rustic or modern coffee-loving sign into your kitchen or dining nook.

2. Clocks

Large clocks with metal or whitewashed frames and ornate hands can serve as a centerpiece above a mantel or over a large piece of furniture. Smaller timepieces can balance decor on a shelf or side table.

3. Inspirational Quotes

Some of the most popular quotes are also the most welcoming. Kindness, family values, and talk of love can brighten a room and blend seamlessly with your farmhouse vibe.

4. Wood Frame with Iron Swirl Decal

Whether your farmhouse look is sleek or rustic, these mixed materials offer an elegant look. Use them alongside a canvas or clock, or double or triple them up, and hang them side by side (by side...).

5. Traditional Farm Animals

Next to coffee and barn wood, nothing says farmhouse like, well, farm animals. Hang clusters of critters on the wall, or opt for varying sizes and styles of figurines to balance out the look.

6. Storage and Decoration

Wooden ladders are a classic storage device. Stack recipe books, arrange milk jars with eucalyptus sprigs, or drape the rungs with farm-themed printed tea towels. Framed wire pieces can serve as pure decoration or elevated storage. Or, add clothespins to clip up memos, reminders, and photos.

7. Window Alternatives/ Window Pane

Made popular by flea market flips, window frames are an elegant way to decorate. Mirrored backs can bounce light back into the room. Or, opt for a true frame, where the color of your walls shows through. Shutters on either side will make a grand farmhouse impact.

8. Birds

Echo the outdoors by bringing in bird silhouettes or metal relief tiles. Group wall hangings to create an impact wall or opt for a functional piece with hooks for storage.

9. Candle Sconces

Mixed metal, glass, and wood elements with varying geometry complement any farmhouse vibe. Arrange the sconces side by side or on either side of an impact piece for balance. Add tea light timers or battery candles to save electricity and save your walls from smoky buildup.

10. Rustic Signage

Welcome your guests with welcoming signage. Farmhouse and market phrases will add to your theme. Balance the look by using an alternate material in other decor pieces such as wood planters or glass mason jars with florals.

11. Planters

Show off your indoor foliage with printed farmhouse planters. Or, go understated with plain, galvanized pieces. Feeding trough and garden container shapes add to the fun.

12. Windmills

Windmills represent the power and sustainability of farm life. Use larger pieces as a central accent. Offset smaller windmill art with weather vanes, scales, or planters.

13. Canvases

Anything goes when you decorate with canvas art. Flat or textured, impressionistic or straight-up country, choose pieces that speak to you and mirror the farmhouse flavor you've chosen for other pieces.

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