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Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

Your dreamy head-in-the-clouds space is just one perfect sofa away. These blue velvet sofa living room ideas add decorative flavor — and a pop of color to your furniture arrangements.
1. Pops of Warm Tones
Contrasting colors actually complement blue velvet. To take the heat up a notch for a space that's energized to the nth degree, go with Living Spaces' Designer Brynna Evans' tips (which you'll find below, too) for the upholstery: "blue velvet is such a game-changer. It takes the fabric grey couch and puts it on its head. Have fun with the look by accessorizing with pink pillows and orange rugs!"

2. Neutral Accents

Hot pink too much for you? Another, more "normal" way of decorating the iconically statement blue sofa in a living room is by letting it be the statement color all its own. "Keep the rug neutral, and factor in natural wood and houseplants for a touch of surrounding decor."

3. Darken Up

Rich navy, dark blue tones make a space feel elevated in style, as if an interior designer came and left a little design magic within the walls of your home. "Offset dark tones with light colors or white-based neutrals," advises Brynna.

4. Pastels

Soft versions of the blue couch include pastel sea blue, aqua or pale blue. "This is the kind of color palette if you want a lighter feel," says Brynna.

5. Marble Table

This marble table pairing takes a little bravery — there's nothing soft or subdued about marble. "I love how this space uses a trio of marble, color and natural light to play off each other and create a sense of comfort," our designer quips.

6. Gold Accents

Gold + blue, the palette of the decorating gods. "Shiny golden accents like an end table define the depth and darkness of blue," Brynna says.

7. Pops of Pattern

An exciting throw pillow, the foliage from an artificial tree, a striped rug, a textured chair. "There are endless ways to dig into 'motion' and pops of patterns with a blue velvet sofa centerpiece!"

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