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6 Ways to Try the Curved Furniture Trend – From an Interior Designer

The curved furniture trend has been a long way coming. With styles like Scandinavian and cozycore and 70s-inspired design slowly rising over the past few years, rounded shapes in 2023 are in incredibly high demand. Here, our staff designer Tania Vasquez shares the top curved design products she expects to see everywhere in 2023 and how to style them.

“The woven accent chair in curved shapes is perfect for coastal homes. These silhouettes almost manifest ocean waves – especially when combined with plant textures like jute and rattan.”
2. Curved Backs + Metal Legs
“Curved chairs, sofas and loveseats are so cozy and hygge. But if you want to mix in a little bit of modern and glam, go for metallic details like these gold tapered legs.”
“That empty space just above your bed can make a bedroom feel incomplete. It’s for this reason I love a good curved headboard, which acts like wall art; it’s aesthetic, cozy and makes the wall feel complete.”
“Daybeds are another way to incorporate the curved trend. These pieces are simple and versatile so you can place them in any space – home office, bedroom, living room. Their simplicity, though, does require an accent or two. Try a round throw pillow in the corner of a curved daybed to literally round out the curved look.”
curved daybeds
“The bar is a fun place to try new trends, because it’s where most of the fun happens at parties. Shapes can be powerful; angular lines can feel cold, but soft curves can make guests feel cozier and more invited.”
6. Curved Swivel Chair
"Swivel barrel chairs are about as round as you can get. This is the design you need if you want to go all out on the cozycore, hygge and curved furniture trends.”

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