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How to Pick the Best Material for an Area Rug

Picking out the best material for your area rug doesn’t have to feel daunting. Here, we’ve laid out the most popular types of rug materials – and how to choose the best one for your space.

Leather Rugs: Leather rugs are often woven with wool or cotton to balance both comfort and durability.

For ‘Tough & Durable’

These rugs are made from tough, organic materials that will stand up against high foot traffic.

Jute Rugs: Common in both indoor and outdoor rugs, jute is a rough plant fiber that feels both soft and durable to the touch.
Seagrass Rugs: Also common in both outdoor and indoor rugs, seagrass is a long grass plant found along ocean coasts and even carries natural antibacterial properties.

For ‘Soft & Cozy’

Best for areas designed for comfort and lounging, rugs with these soft materials will cozy up any space.

Cotton Rugs
: Cotton rugs are soft and easy to clean – and one of the most affordable rug material options on the market.
Wool Rugs: Offering perhaps the coziest feel of all rug materials, wool also provides insulating properties – especially helpful for the colder months.
Hair on Hide Rugs: Hair on hide rugs offer a luxuriously buttery-smooth finish – and invite a natural beauty into the home.
balance and cozy area rugs
Common synthetic fibers include polyester, polypropylene, rayon (artificial silk), nylon and viscose.

For ‘A Little Bit of Both’

For a balance between cozy and strong, consider the versatile texture of a synthetic rug, designed to soften up any space – no matter the volume of foot traffic.

Synthetic Rugs
: Synthetic rugs are manufactured to give the same luxurious softness as natural materials – for a fraction of the cost. 

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