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Black and White Decor Trends for the Bedroom

These black and white bedroom décor trends are so timeless, it’s debatable whether or not they should even be called ‘trends’! Get inspired by some of the most popular ways to style colorless designs below – and see for yourself why black and white bedrooms are a favorite among interior designers everywhere.

1. A Color-Balancing Accent Chair

In a small, mostly black and white space, add a pop of color – without going overboard – by opting for just one statement piece in a bold attention-grabbing hue.

2. Just Black + White

Is your style more 'all black-and-white, all the time'? Play to it while keeping a refreshed, chic look by incorporating unexpected designs. Pictured above, the all-black 'starburst' wall decorations create visual height, while defining an otherwise boring wall space.

3. Silver Linings

Keep 'black-and-white' playful and inspired with a touch of shine.

4. Dreamy Designs

The ambient grey walls, geometric table lamps and abstract art give this black and white bedroom a moody, almost surrealistic aesthetic.

5. Minimalist-Chic

No accessories? No problem – as proved by the fresh, crisp aesthetic in the minimalist white dresser pictured above.

6. Black Bedroom Chair + Black and White Rug

Because everything's better with black leather!

7. Just the Bed

White walls + black bed. No rug, no decor, no anything – don’t care! Sometimes, holding back makes for a fresher aesthetic.

8. Hints of Blue

All-black-and-white got you down? The best cure for a case of the blues is, ironically, blue! Soothing, fresh, and versatile – it’s the perfect pop of color for an all black-and-white vibe.

9. An Iron Base 

When life gets hectic, find balance with the elements. In this all-iron bedframe (above), Earth’s coolest mineral calms the vibe.

10. Negative Space

All-black-and-white got you down? The best cure for a case of the blues is, ironically, blue! Reverse the roles: make bright white the ‘base’ – and go darker with your accessories!

11. Soften + Distress

Give 'black and white' a relaxed vibe with cozy upholstery and tarnished metallic décor.

12. Black, White and Mod All Over

Want a more modern feel? Up the saturation of the black-and-white. The blacker the black, and the whiter the white, the crisper, cleaner, and trendier the vibe.

13. Tribal Accents

Listen, kids: not everything in life is black and white. Except for this magnificent tribal-inspired accent chair!

14. Seeing Red

The thin red stripes on the white bedspread (above)give black and white a jolt of energy.

15. Pops of Pattern

Pattern is the new color – incorporate it in your throw pillows to bring a black and white bedroom to life.

16. Shine On

Why is black so elegant? Perhaps because it never asks for anything – it just gives. It gives a crisp backdrop to make other colors pop. It gives its versatility, making it easy to match with virtually every color out there. And it gives its depth – an infinite, rich depth that one could just swim in. Perhaps it’s all of these things, or perhaps it’s none, and the mystery of why black (and white) decor remains so timeless will remain just that: a mystery. Either way, we’re head over heels!

Which Colors Go with Black and White?

The short answer? All of them! Black and white is such a classic, versatile color combo, you really can't go wrong when introducing another hue into the mix. Remember, though, that the fewer colors that do go into the mix, the better, so stick to one or two 'pops' of colorful accents to invite – without overpowering or clashing – a dash of energy and life into an all black and white space.

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