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Orange Interiors: Why Pumpkin Spice Décor Is All the Rage

The season of pumpkin spice and glowing sunsets is here – so welcome in the brisk, colorful days of fall with warm orange décor!

Warm Up with These Orange Color Combos

A combination of red and yellow, orange is nothing if not warm – and a fall favorite among interior designers everywhere. From toasty pumpkin to bright mandarin, the shades of orange and ways to style it are virtually endless – especially when paired with brown, blue and yellow. This fall, bring your orange décor to life with these designer-favorite color combos!

Pumpkin Spice + Cinnamon (Orange + Brown)

This fall, cozy up with orange and brown.

A fall favorite, dark brown and orange works well to cozy up any room, especially when incorporated into soft rugs and upholstery.

Soft shades of orange and white will bring out the warm undertones of a dark brown sofa – and create a cozy haven for brisk fall weather.
Warm orange spice paired with a rich espresso finish – what more could you ask for this fall?

Orange Crush + Blueberry (Orange + Blue)

Make orange pop with a dash of playful blue.

In interior design, a crisp shade of orange radiates the soft glow of a sunrise or sunset – especially when paired against a backdrop of a bold shade of sky blue.
Give whimsical orange and blue a grown-up feel by incorporating them into chic mid-century modern designs.
Add just a dash of blue to cool down a major orange piece, such as a sectional or rug, without competing with the center of focus.
Benton 6pc sectional

Zesty Tangerine + Lemon (Orange + Yellow)

Radiate sunshine with orange and yellow – the most joyful color combo ever!

When it comes to orange and yellow, the higher the saturation, the higher the energy, so experiment with shades like neon yellow and reddish-orange to create a bold splash.
orange chair

Orange and yellow doesn’t have to dominate your palette. Look for muted shades to add just a hint of warmth to cool greys and blues.

Play to the sunny nature of orange and yellow by inviting in natural light; throw back the drapes to instantly freshen up your space – and highlight this winning color combo!

Orange Décor Trends

Fall’s hottest décor trend has arrived – in a bold shade of orange.

Fall décor trends are all about layers – orange on brown, orange on white and even orange on orange. Pair a stand-out orange accent chair over a softer orange rug to deliver full-on fall charm.
Fall orange décor isn’t just about interiors – it’s also very much about creating a warming outdoor area for friends and family to gather around. Look for comfy orange throw pillows for an easy way to pack a lot of style into a small space.
An orange-tinted rug, wall décor and throw blanket will offer warm comfort, but nothing embraces the cozy spirit of fall quite like a statement ottoman – particularly in a toasty shade of pumpkin!

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