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7 Best Affordable Rugs — That Actually Look Pretty

The best affordable rugs that actually sit pretty? We found affordable and good-looking rugs for 2024, that do all the legwork of bringing style. Don't break the bank trying to find something that will stand up for durability, aesthetics and comfort: quality meets value here!

Best Overall

What Does This Rug Compare To?
Compared to luxury Safavieh rugs, this rug gives off a similar 'wow'-factor pattern.
1. 5'x7' Rug-Marble Light Grey/Gold

Best Features: - marble-design that looks high-quality - perfect rug for a classier look - low pile

Size: 60"W x 84"D x 0.25"H

Why A Designer Would Buy It: "The striking pattern alone makes me want to snag it for myself before it's sold out!" - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Very happy with the quality of this rug! It has a great quality, size and unique design. Really makes the room pop." - JessicaW87

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What Does This Rug Compare To? 
Compare to Revival Rugs, for its simple yet fun pattern — that won't feel outdated years from now.
2. Wool Stripe

Best Features: - soft and muted colors - low pile - made with a handwoven technique and 100% wool

Size: 24"W x 36"D x 0.3"H

Why a Designer Would Buy It: "This is an easy, cozy piece that soothes. I love it for the bedroom!" - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "I love the way the store is merchandised...looks high end for 1/2 the price. The accessories are amazing with so many choices to finish any setting with style. Keep up the great work."- detrap

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Best Affordable Geometric Rugs

What Do These Rug Compare To?
If you like Nuloom, we think you'll like the Horizontal Geo & Ivory Modern, which have similar artistic vibes.
3. 5'3"X7'7" Outdoor Rug-Denim & White Horizontal Geo

Best Features: - versatile outdoor rug for various styles - geometric pattern - low pile and made from fiber and polypropylene

Size: 63"W x 91"D x 0.2"H

Why a Designer Would Buy It: "This lets you in on the Scandinavian trends everywhere right now, without dishing out an arm and a leg." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Beautiful design! Low profile makes it perfect for indoor use also. I’m using it for my kitchen - I’ve gotten so many compliments already! Love it! - Mgrimes84

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4. 5'X7' Rug-Black & Ivory Modern

Best Features: - perfect complement to any indoor home decor - soft underfoot feel - easier to clean for messes + spills

Size: 60"W x 84"D x 0.43"H

Why a Designer Would Buy It: "This is the perfect example of minimalist with style." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Love my rug, I want to buy one for my bedroom and and my living room too! One at a time though! So excited!" - Jessicalynn2182

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What Does This Rug Compare To?
If you want the traditional and timeless look of Loloi, consider this budget-friendly rug for a familiar aesthetic.
5. Tripoli

Best Features: - high-quality fiber material - low pile similar to a flatweave feel - cotton and polyester

Size: 20"W x 24"D x 2.5"H

Why a Designer Would Buy It: "This is great for a den or sitting room. Its centuries-old look instantly elevates." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "There are beautiful yellows in this rug. It almost has a metallic finish" - Anonymous

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Best Affordable Abstract Rug

What Does This Rug Compare To?
You'd never know it by just looking at it, but this rug is washable. Ruggable rugs are a comparison we'd make for this Magnolia design.
6. 2'x5' Rug-Magnolia Home Sinclair Jade/Sand by Joanna Gaines

Best Features: - perfect rug for a vintage touch - budget-friendly rug that also looks traditional and high-quality

Size: 24"W x 60"D x 0.25"H

Why a Designer Would Buy It: "If I can wash it, I want it. Machine-washing saves so much time and eliminates the stress of getting out tough stains." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "The rug is so soft, it’s light and manageable and I like the color. Love it!" - Just1

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7. Santorini Jute Blue

Best Features: - small rug size - family room or living room rug - 100% jute - tight weave design adds a sleek touch to any living room

Size: 24"W x 36"D x 0.196"H

Why a Designer Would Buy It: "Chic and versatile. The light color will also help to brighten up dark spaces or heavy woods." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

Featured Review: "Great natural looking rug! Looks great in our living room." - Rug love

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