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how to decorate according to your chinese zodiac hero
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How to Decorate According to Your Chinese Zodiac

Your Chinese zodiac sign says a lot about your personality – and the décor you’re probably going to like the most. Keep reading to discover the colors, materials and styles that will make you feel most at home, according to your lunar year.

Year of the Rat

Decor: Charming, Intellectual, Focused

Those born in the year of the rat are clever, charming and curious. Naturally, they’re drawn to objects and colors that incite the imagination and reflect their own charismatic personalities. In practice, the year of the rat aesthetic will feature light, airy colors – and a touch of geometric patterns as an homage to their intellectual nature.

Top Finds for: Year of the Rat

Year of the Ox

Decor: Minimalist With a Touch of Traditional

Those born in the year of the ox know what they want. Independent, loyal and philosophical, they’re often drawn to traditional aesthetics – kept minimalistic. As such, those born in the year of the rat will do best in a home featuring classic silhouettes, dark neutrals and an overall clean feel.

Top Finds for: Year of the Ox

Year of the Tiger

Decor: Bright, Bold, Focused

Those born in the year of the tiger find themselves with proclivities toward thrills. That which is foreign or unknown to them excites them, and they’re at their best when their world is fresh and exciting. These personalities will thrive when surrounded by bright colors and objects such as abstract paintings and contrasting materials – such as the glass, clay, fabric and wood shown above.

Top Finds for: Year of the Tiger

Year of the Rabbit

Decor: Soft, Inviting, Neutral

Those born in the year of the rabbit are well-liked, because of their innate compassion, sincerity and generosity. These types tend to avoid conflict, so a clash of colors or mix of styles is ill-advised. Instead, those born in the year of the rabbit should focus on monochromes – with an emphasis on cozy textures.

Top Finds for: Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Dragon

Decor: Playful, Bold, Warm

While energetic and fearless on the outside, the year of the dragon personalities are soft on the inside, possessing a warm heart and fierce loyalty. Perhaps it is because they are always seeking out new adventures that the dragon sign appreciates home, and the comforts it brings, all the more. For these types, bold colors and soft, plush designs will satisfy.

Top Finds for: Year of the Dragon

Year of the Snake

Decor: Charming, Understated, Bookish

The year of the snake traits are defined by charm, cleverness and reservedness. Yet while at times quiet on the outside, these types possess a rich interior life, spurred by their watchful eye and innate intellect. In terms of décor, bookcases, books, classic wood coffee tables and thoughtful reclining designs belong to the snake zodiac sign.

Top Finds for: Year of the Snake

Year of the Horse

Decor: Eclectic, Cozy, Boho-Inspired

The horse sign in the Chinese zodiac is characterized by its energy and independence. For horse signs, life is meant to be lived fast and fully, with compassion and love. For those born in the year of the horse, boho and eclectic styles – with souvenirs from global travels – mixed with soft, comforting designs will provide the optimal home.

Top Finds for: Year of the Horse

Year of the Goat

Decor: Artsy, Subtle, Transitional

Deep thinkers, those born in the year of the goat appreciate beauty and like to challenge themselves with artistic expression. While holding their own decisions to high standards, goats are highly compassionate and forgiving of others, offering a welcoming and kind vibe to the people around them. For those born in the year of the goat, décor should be conducive to creative thought: a modern and airy feel, infused with soft layers and cushions to welcome friends and neighbors.

Top Finds for: Year of the Goat

Year of the Monkey

Decor: Joyful, Natural, Contemporary

Monkey signs are the most upbeat of all the Chinese zodiac signs. Playful, sunny and sometimes goofy, monkey signs spread joy wherever they go, their extroverted natures energized by social interactions. Sunny, natural décor filled with live plants and bright colors speaks to the monkey sign’s natural love for life.

Top Finds for: Year of the Monkey

Year of the Rooster

Decor: Studious, Calm, Classic

The rooster is hardworking, watchful and independent. Goal-oriented, roosters feel most relaxed in an environment that allows them to check off tasks on their to-do list and plan for future successes. For those born in the year of the rooster, home should offer at least one work setup, with classic wood materials and neutral colors – and nothing too trendy.

Top Finds for: Year of the Rooster

Year of the Dog

Decor: Vintage, Subdued, Bright

Those born in the year of the dog take the notion of loyal to a tee: friendships and family are the most important ideals in life for this Chinese zodiac sign. Understanding and patient but by no means weak, dog signs demonstrate fortitude through hard times and will always defend members of their tribe. For those born in the year of the dog, it doesn’t get much better than vintage, time-tested and lovingly worn décor.

Top Finds for: Year of the Dog

Year of the Pig

Decor: Luxe, Plush, Elegant

Those born in the year of the pig have a knack for seeking out the finer things in life, but material luxury doesn’t rule their lives: for this sign, relationships always come first. Honest, loving and polite, pig signs want nothing more than to keep the peace – mentally, emotionally and, yes, aesthetically. Those born in the year of the pig are most in their element when imbued in elegance. Comfortable designs, quality materials and a hint of glamourous metallics affirm the vibes.

Top Finds for: Year of the Pig

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