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How to Decorate by Your Zodiac Sign

Aries have a natural zest for life. Their auras are filled with excitement and enthusiasm – and thrive in brightly-decorated spaces. Splashes of color, bold silhouettes and trendy designs will all complement (and inspire!) an Aries’ natural energy.
Those born under the Taurus star sign are the yin to an Aries’ yang. They’re driven by routine, possess a dignified calmness about them – and would much prefer a low-key Friday night spent in than partying out. In the home, a Taurus can’t go wrong with traditional comfort and calming, soothing colors: a simple recliner and splash of distinguished blue decor is as natural a habitat as any for these types!
A Gemini is the definition of extrovert. These types thrive in social situations, and a home catered to socializing is as good as it gets for them. The dining room (which is, perhaps, the most social room of the home), is a great place to start when considering a ‘Gemini home renovation.’ Splashes of yellow will encourage conversation – and as any Gemini will say, the more seating, the merrier!
Those born under the Cancer star sign crave safety and security, and in home decor, this translates as comfort. Each material chosen in the home of a Cancer sign should be chosen carefully for how it feels to the touch and how much the overall design creates a welcoming, safe feel. Rich, soft materials like velvet and leather go with a Cancer personality like two peas in a pod – especially when incorporated into plush designs of the utmost ‘cushion-y’ caliber (like the cozy sofa pictured here!).


Leos tend to like being the center of attention, so, naturally, attention-grabbing colors like orange and yellow will be among their favorites to decorate with! While they tend to be extroverted and enthusiastic, and carry a natural social charisma, they are so (and do so) while maintaining an observant, almost regal air. So, to bring out the full scope of a Leo’s many-faceted personality, go for contrast. Black and grey against sunny orange, geometric patterns against monochrome upholstery, and mid-century designs against an industrial brick wall will all equal: the complete home decor embodiment of Leo!
With their analytical minds and eyes for detail, ‘collectedness’ is a key theme bound to constitute a Virgo’s ideal home aesthetic. Virgos, however, are also curious and imaginative. They have a natural social ‘pull,’ often drawing people to them with their empathetic personalities and keen insight. How all of these characteristics come together in the home, as one unifying aesthetic? Simple: with simplicity. An organized feel will play to a Virgo’s investigative spirit; while a fresh, open, natural, and brightly-lit space allows for a friendly ambience.
The essence of a Libra is charm. They have a penchant for harmony, and instinctually know how to attract and create good vibes wherever they go. Libras love to celebrate the little wonders of art and design…and in the home, this often translates as sweet, soft decor comprised of pretty pastels and feminine flounces!
Those born under the Scorpio star sign are determined – whatever task they put their mind to, they often can and will finish. They can lean artistic, with a flair for innovative uses of color, texture and design. And while there is no exact color, design style, et al. that is universal to a Scorpio, one certainty remains: whichever they do choose, it’ll be done with spirit and zest!
Those born under the Sagittarius star sign often possess a myriad of contrasting qualities. Loyal, yet wandering; thoughtful, yet hasty; social, yet introverted. Purple defines this star sign, and for good reason: it’s one of those rare colors just bursting with power and energy, and yet still, somehow, cool, calm and collected. It should also be noted, however that purple in the home of a Sagittarius shouldn’t be done just any which way; purple in small slices that barely tease the potency of Sagittarius go a long way. An accent chair here, a pillow there; the more purple to be “discovered” around every corner is better than purple all at once – in line with the somewhat-contrasting, somewhat-secretive, and always vibrant qualities that define the Sagittarius. 
Capricorn personalities carry a quiet intensity. They’re disciplined, sharp and have lofty dreams. Serious colors like forest green and subdued neutrals invoke the energy of nature, the life force that drives a Capricorn’s innate dedication. While these colors in the home will affirm the best of a Capricorn’s personality, it’s also true that a Capricorn shouldn’t be afraid to go bold. Even just one key, attention-grabbing accent piece can help to foster Capricorns’ ‘lofty dreams,’ serving as a daily, refreshing encourager to keep up their quiet discipline.
Those born under the Aquarius star sign tend to lean in on the things that make them eccentric. They tend to march to their own drummer, using their ‘oddball-ness’ for the greater good. In home decor, nature and greenery play a vital role for these types who are so naturally prone to the outdoors and all it has to offer. Another critical home decor piece every Aquarius should learn to embrace? Art. The more abstract and different, the more an Aquarius will feel right at home, most confident, and in her element!
Those born under the Pisces star sign are creative at heart, with quiet, somewhat timid proclivities. While gentle and reserved on the surface, Pisces star signs tend to feel energized from the more expressive personalities of others around them. In the same way, they absorb beauty and inspiration from their environments – so a home decorated with playful colors and intriguing patterns will be sure to serve as food for the Pisces’ soul, making even the quietest of Pisces hearts sing!

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