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5 Denim Furniture Ideas for Jeans-Lovers

Denim decor tips to appease even the most diehard of ‘blue jeans aficionados.’
Ah, blue jeans. An American icon of fashion that defines cool – and comfort. Who among us doesn’t have that one pair that’s worn-in just right, that’s always the first thing we ‘decide’ to wear when we really don’t know what to wear? Yes, the perfect pair of blue jeans is reliable, versatile and durable. It only gets softer and comfier with age – and it’s always on-trend.

Of course, the perfect pair would be nothing without the material that makes it perfect – denim. Featuring an iconic shade of blue that goes with virtually every shirt or blouse in your closet, denim, in short, rules – and we’re here to show you how to incorporate this supreme reign into your world of decor.

Denim Decor Tips

Start with denim color.

When decorating with denim, you don’t have to use actual denim – just the color will bring as much of that laidback feel which we all know and love about the material as denim itself!

Visualize the denim on you.

Your space is effectively an extension of you, so if you are planning to incorporate a denim furniture or decor piece into your home, visualize the color, wash type and overall aesthetic on you.

Is your favorite pair of jeans washed-out and torn-at-the-knee, or dark and dressy? When you wear jeans, do you prefer to pair them with a t-shirt/sweatshirt – or blazer/blouse? How about jeans jackets (are you for or against the ‘Canadian tuxedo’)? Fashion sense is one of the best predeterminers of whether or not a style of decor will work for you, so ‘clothe’ your space as you would clothe your own body!

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