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Best Office Rugs for Rolling Chairs + More

These best office rugs were chosen for their focus-power. They don't distract (their colors are soothing), while adding just the right amount of warmth and style. And because you're probably sitting on a rolling chair as you read this, we've included styles that are easy enough to glide right over. Shop the best of the best, guided by commentary from our staff design expert Adrian Palacios.

Best Overall

1. Beverly Shag

Best Features: - Eye-catching color for your workspace - perfect rug for mid-century office space - Other rug sizes to choose from

Size: 79"W x 114"D x 1"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "While I don't recommend this one for a rolling chair (it's shag), I herald this as best overall because it's so cozy + versatile. Use it in office-turned-entry-turned-bedroom + more." - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: "This rug is very warm and comfortable with a thick pile. It goes perfectly with our decor." - WendyD

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2. Blush Tie Dye Trellis

Best Features: - 100% wool rug - low pile - perfect rug for casual boho office spaces >

Size: 120"W x 120"D x 0.4"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "Low pile makes gliding over it a breeze. Use it for the majority of the floor space in a small home office." - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: “It's simply gorgeous. It totally brightened up my room and added so much texture and style.” - hd13

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Most Stylish Office Rug

3. Brennan Multi-Color

Best Features: - rainbow - perfect rug for modern workspaces

Size: 94.5"W x 120.1"D x 0.39"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "Remember, office rugs don't have to go right in front of the desk. Choose some just to add style — the Brennan is perfect for this. I would place it in a corner in front of a sitting area." - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: "A beautiful contemporary area rug ....Stunning design!! Nice price, too!!" - Fuss Budget

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Best Modern Office Rug

4. Malo Birch By Nate Berkus + Jeremiah Brent

Best Features: - Leather - Perfect rug for offices with modern or Scandinavian interior design

Size: 96"W x 120"D x 0.27"H

How a Pro Recommends Using It: "This is another design that can be paired with a rolling chair. It's a flatweave, making it sleek and fresh, especially for a laidback and summery feel." - Adrian Palacios, LS Designer

Featured Review: “Love this rug. Was very pleased to find a unique rug that was in more muted tones.” - emily85284

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What kind of rug is best for an office?

When selecting a rug for an office, consider the following factors to ensure it meets both aesthetic and functional needs:
  • Durability: Choose a rug made of durable materials like nylon, polyester, or wool, which can handle high foot traffic and wear and tear.
  • Size: Measure your space and ensure the rug is large enough to fit under your desk and chair, as well as any other furniture.
  • Low Pile Height: Opt for a low-pile rug to allow for easy movement of chairs and to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Color and Design: Select colors and patterns that complement your office decor and create a professional yet welcoming atmosphere. Neutral tones or subtle patterns are often a good choice.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Offices can accumulate dust and dirt quickly, so choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain.

What kind of rug is best for an office chair?

Selecting a rug for an office chair involves additional considerations to ensure comfort and ease of movement:
  • Low Pile or Flat Weave: A low-pile or flat-weave rug allows office chairs to roll smoothly without resistance, preventing damage to the rug and making it easier to move around.
  • Rug Pad: Use a non-slip rug pad underneath to keep the rug in place and provide extra cushioning.
  • Durability: Again, durability is key. Consider materials like nylon or polypropylene which are resilient against wear from rolling chairs.
  • Size: Ensure the rug is large enough to cover the area where the chair will roll, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome in the space.
  • Chair Mat Compatibility: Alternatively, you can use a clear chair mat over the rug to protect it while still enjoying the aesthetic benefits of a rug.

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