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What Is Glam Style?

If you’re a fan of all things pretty, fancy, and just generally extravagant, glam style may be perfect for you. This style starts with a traditional look and adds some pizzazz through lots of ornamental details — creating a stunning, sparkling, all around elegant appearance. If glam style has piqued your interest, here are some tips on how to get it in your home.

Get Glam Furniture

If you want to show off some glam style, start with your furniture. The sofa you buy for your living room should make a statement, and that statement should tell everyone just how much you appreciate the finer things in life. Basically, your sofa should be made of a soft material with a luxurious color, like crisp white or rich black. It should have noteworthy details, such as button tufting and graceful roll arms.

Top off your glam living room with a crushed velvet armchair — also with button tufting, of course — or a coffee table with a mix of shiny metal and mirrored glass. Then pull the glam together with a plush rug fit for sinking your feet into as you relax on the sofa.

Keep the Colors Calm and the Patterns Interesting

Glam style isn’t about bright color schemes. In fact, glam color palettes are pretty neutral, with white, cream, grey, black, gold and silver being your best bets for this style. However, that doesn’t mean your décor has to be boring, because glam style pairs neutral colors with unique patterns that really draw the eye in.
For example, you’ll see geometric patterns on the wall in most glamorous homes, with diamonds and chevron being some popular choices. If you’re not a fan of putting geometric shapes on your walls, note that zebra stripes and leopard print also fit the glam style, allowing you to get a little wild with your patterns.

Go Glam with Your Home Décor

One of the easiest ways to glam up your house is to make it shine through the details. Basically, you now have permission to gather as many sparkly, glitzy, eye-catching knick-knacks you can find.
The rule of thumb is that if it’s silver, gold, or has a mirrored surface, it belongs in your glamorous home.
Did you find a matching set of stunning gold candlesticks? How about a sequined mirror or a framed sketch of a chandelier? Perfect! Go ahead and adorn your home with these glamorous details, making sure to put plenty of shiny items near mirrors — or mirrored décor — for maximum glam.

Let Your Lighting Show off Your Style

Even your lights can get in on the glam. Remember, this style is all about the drama, so feel free to get downright theatrical with your lights. If you see an overly large, sparkly chandelier that practically blinds you with shiny crystals, go for it! And don’t be afraid to deck out your walls with gold or silver sconces, preferably adorned with sequins, if possible.

If you prefer pendant lighting, consider a pretty Pendant-Rose Gold Metal 6-Light. And don’t forget to add a few glitzy table lamps to any flat surface in your home. The more light that hits all your shiny or mirrored items, the better!

Ready to see more glam? Browse our selection of glam home décor, from mirrors and artwork to sofas and armchairs. You can also come to us for some design inspiration involving any other style for your home.

Glam Variations

  • Mid Century Modern Glam. In mid-century modern glam, you’ll find a mix of glamour materials (such as gold-finish legs, diamond-dusted mirror frames and other metallic hues) and classic mid-century. Tapered legs, flared backs and the overall sleek silhouettes of the retro aesthetic never felt so sophisticated.
  • Coastal Glam Décor. Coastal glam décor heightens the coastal look with traditional and luxe accents. (Think silver platters, curved legs and metallic frames.) This style is the perfect look for those who have homes on or near the coast, but don’t want the casual-beachy style that is so common nowadays. Also perfect for when you’re entertaining formal parties or for home staging.
  • Contemporary Glam Living Room. A contemporary glam living room will feature, as the main event, a contemporary sofa – with glam-inspired décor incorporated all around it. Try infusing a contemporary sofa with a metallic-sheen throw blanket, sparkle-adorned pillows, a gold- or silver-colored rug and/or a gold- or silver- piece of wall art.
  • Hollywood Glam Décor. Hollywood glam interior design is a love note to the look that is associated with the 1930’s era of Hollywood, or Hollywood’s Golden Age. Because this style rose during the same time as mid-century, the forms and shapes are often a part of it; Hollywood glam, though, can feature a mix of styles and/or choose traditional designs over mid-century designs.

How to Achieve Glam in the Bedroom and Living Room

Glam Bedroom Ideas: Cozy glam bedroom décor starts with anything that shines. Swap a cloth lampshade for a crystal one or one with gold or silver threads. Incorporate metallic figurines onto a dresser’s surface. Opt for metal bookends, preferably with high-gloss surfaces. Try sequined pillows, crystal drawer knobs and a jewelry holder that displays your most sparkly of baubles!

Modern Glam Living Room Ideas: For a glam chic living room look, focus on accessories. (As opposed to furniture, accessories are more commonly available in metallic and sparkly finishes, making them the preferred way to achieve a glam living room look.) Mirrors with shiny metallic frames, crystal figurines or glass sculptures and even candelabras (as a coffee table centerpiece) can be the perfect finishing touch for this aesthetic.
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