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9 Best Bookcases of 2024: The Official List

We hold true to the idea that "The Best Books of the Summer," "The Best Novels of the Past Century" and similar lists are just about as important as breathing air for the true bookworm. But today, we're forgetting such lists for a minute to focus on the cases in which their selections are held: The Best Bookcases of the Year. For the bibliophiles in need of a proper shrine to store, organize and simply admire their precious tomes, keep reading. With tips from interior designer Pamela Oleson and an easy-to-sift-through list of sizes, top features and reviews, we hope this list finds you your next book-loving match-made-in-heaven. Until then, keep shopping, poring over the details and analyzing every product description (in true reader form).

Best Overall

1. Jaxon Bookcase

Best Features: - easy to assemble removable shelves - freestanding focal point - versatile piece of furniture

Size: 39"W x 14"D x 82"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "A classic 4-shelf design in pine wood. This is the kind of design that lets your books shine.”

Actual Customer Review: “Love the bookcases. Good quality with a nice updated look.” - CRG1

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2. Allen Bookcase Pier

Best Features: - good for limited floor space - ladder bookshelf - display shelves for home decor

Size: 23.62"W x 15.75"D x 70.87"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "Shelves, drawers, acacia wood — this has it all. It’s a great look and practical organization for styled home offices.”

Actual Customer Review: “Great piece that was easy to assemble. A perfect addition to an office” - CJByers

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Best Affordable Bookshelf

3. Rainier Stand

Best Features: - open cubbies - best seller - mdf, particleboard + wood bookcase

Size: 64.96"W x 18.9"D x 21.57"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "This bookshelf-stand is great for TV and media. The low profile shelves create little windows for your decor. For books, stack coffee table books or a book with a spine you love in the center of these shelves.”

Actual Customer Review: “I am obsessed with the rustic look it’s so beautiful” - Anita M

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Best Traditional Bookcase Look

4. Arlo Shelf

Best Features: - tall bookcase - lots of storage space - wood + metal frame shelving units

Size: 45"W x 13"D x 72"H

Why Pamela Loves It: ""With an open and airy look, it fits in well in places that need some sprucing up. Place in-between the fireplace and TV, or between a desk and window.”

Actual Customer Review: “Light and modern, easy to move around. Sturdy, metal.” - Daniel89

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5. Jaxon Bookcase

Best Features: - can be used as a living room room divider- open bookcase for decorative items - natural wood

Size: 39"W x 14"D x 82"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "With solid pine being the most complicated thing about it, it’s as simple and classic as it gets.”

Actual Customer Review: “Solid wood, great color and really good size. Would highly recommend this product.” - CharMur

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Best Tech-Savvy Bookcase

6. Wade Pier

Best Features: - built-in LED lights - great for book collections or DIY knickknacks - good for home office

Size: 24"W x 16"D x 86"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "Shine the lights down on standing picture frames, plants and books. This bookshelf-entertainment center gives you an entire wall to work with. The soundbar shelf doesn’t even have to be used for TV — try it for ambient classical music as a soundtrack to the visual display of your dearly beloved books!”

Actual Customer Review: “This piece is even more beautiful in person! It is well designed and simply beautiful.” - DLBH

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Best for a Storybook Library

7. Barton

Best Feature: - ladder

Size: 39.25"W x 17.5"D x 102.25"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "The charming solid pine and warm color feels like something out of Beauty & the Beast — perfect for a sprawling library."

Actual Customer Review: “Beautiful, stunning bookcase. Commands the room. Love the height and ladder.” - Dr MTM

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8. Jaxon Bookcase

Best Features: - classic style

Size: 39"W x 14"D x 82"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "Timeless, simple and not trendy. Just like books themselves, the best ones hold up for generations. The 100% solid pine makes it exceptional quality, and the slight distressed texture makes it feel rich in character."

Actual Customer Review: “Great quality of wood and color is juat what we wanted.” - Arianna R

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Best Ladder Bookcase

9. Allen Bookcase Pier

Best Feature: - Sleek

Size: 23.62"W x 15.75"D x 70.87"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "The true reader knows it's about the books and not the shelf. This ladder style gives an effortless, just-threw-it-all-together feel in a way that brings together a laidback and effortless look. So the spotlight stays on the pages, as it should."

Actual Customer Review: “Beautiful piece of furniture and brings life to the living room!” - NickALV

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