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9 Marble Decor Tips (& Reasons Why Marble Will Never Go Out of Style)

Whatever your style, consider decorating with marble; it’s one of the easiest ways to refresh any space with a touch of unexpected flair – and a whole lot of class.

1. Marble Is Sleek

No matter if it’s contemporary or traditional, your style can always benefit from sleek – and you would be hard-pressed to find a material sleeker than marble! In the table lamp pictured above, marble merges with a gold-plated base in a smooth, cool finish – a perfect contrast to surrounding textures and striking colors.

Marble Style Tip:

Bring out the subtle grains within a marble accent piece by pairing it with warm metals.

2. Marble Is Bold

Marble may be sleek, but that does not mean it has to be subtle; in fact, when integrated into innovative pieces – think pillows, floors and wall deco! – It can pack loads of style in small spaces.

Marble Style Tip:

While marble can offer a bold pop of pattern, it offers little in the way of texture. Throw in an indoor plant or fabric lampshade to break up sleek surfaces.

3. Marble Is Elegant

Marble boasts a sophisticated color palette, expertly refined by nature. An intricate relationship between a soft white, deep charcoal and hints of warm yellow and grey provides a gorgeous aesthetic – and a timeless elegance.

Marble Style Tip:

While there are different variations, marble decorative accents often come in cooler colors, so style them with rich woods or warm metals to balance the temperature.

4. Marble Is Versatile

When it comes to decorating with marble, most people think of the stone itself, but incorporating a marble pattern into soft textures like rugs and throw blankets can provide just as much of an elegant appeal – for a fraction of the price.

Marble Style Tip:

Whether on an area rug or in its natural stone, a marble pattern is bold enough on its own. Let it shine by keeping the rest of the room’s décor in monochrome hues and patterns to a minimum.

5. Marble Is Durable

There is a reason walls, countertops and even entire buildings are made with marble: it is durable. Coveted in ancient civilizations for its unique strength – parts of the Parthenon were made out of marble! – marble remains a material highly sought-after for its long-lasting properties.

Marble Style Tip:

In the world of interior design, there is perhaps no combo more elegant than sleek marble and distressed iron.

Once a rare material often used as a symbol of wealth and power, marble has since dropped its high price tag – but kept its luxurious elegance. Affordable, accessible and often used among interior decorators as an effortless way to refresh a space, marble is one of the hottest trends in the world of design. We, however, are willing to bet that it is not just a fad – and it is not going anywhere anytime soon; thanks to its durability, versatility and sleek elegance, marble is sure to remain a timeless staple for generations.

marble bedroom

Marble Room Ideas

  • Marble Figurines

One of the easiest ways to incorporate marble is via statement accessories (instead of big furniture). Sculptures and figurines are popular and easy to find in showrooms, but don’t let their ubiquity hinder you from exploring other, more rare pieces. Small indoor fountains, vintage candelabras and other obscurities provide the perfect showcase for marble material. Use such pieces as statements on end tables, side tables, nightstands or even as centerpieces for larger furniture like dining tables.

  • Marble Tables

Try a marble table, if you want to bring a bigger marble statement into a room. If you’re new to marble or are just testing the waters for how this unique material will look in your home, start with a small table (no need to go all-out with a coffee table or formal dining table to start with)! Pieces like breakfast nook tables, side tables, end tables and accent tables make it easy (and affordable) to refresh a space with marble furniture. Once you’ve found a color, grain pattern and shape you love, upgrade to a bigger and more permanent piece (like the formal dining table)!

  • Marble Bases

Note how in the setting above, marble isn’t in-your-face; it’s not even the main material of a piece! Rather, marble is incorporated into the base of a small leaf figurine (to the left of the white vase) - the result is a subtle tribute to texture - and just the right amount of light neutral color. While “base” here refers to a miniature, remember that anything can incorporate a base. Try a wood coffee table with a marble base, a metal chair with a marble base or a ceramic vase with a marble vase for a bigger splash!

  • Marble Nightstands

Also consider marble in the bedroom! Here, end nesting tables are placed on one side of a bed to act as contemporary nightstands - and each design brings a slab of marble to create a stunning and timeless bedside elegance. Place on the surface matching accessories like vases, jars, containers and planters to bring out the hue of the stone beneath, and extend the color palette to the bedding, overhead lighting and opposite table for a complete look.

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