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2020 Most Popular Decor Trends by State

Here are the styles expected to be most popular in 2020 by state, according to Google. Read about the results that surprised our experts – and how to incorporate the trends into your home.


Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawai’i, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota & Virginia

“There is a noticeable lack of Industrial in the Southeast; in its place, Coastal, Farmhouse and Boho dominate. These styles are relaxed & breezy, allowing for the freedom to incorporate more color and personality….
...The states in question are all ocean states, so perhaps these styles are a manifestation of their easygoing, laidback cultures.”
- Shelby Greene, Designer


Nevada, Massachussetts, Maryland, New Jersey

One of the interesting takeaways from this map is that it shows that the more specific and targeted a style is, the more people prefer it. “Contemporary,” for example, is a broad style of design that can encompass a range of looks – perhaps this is why it only appears in four states. Scandinavian, another style that can also be interpreted in different ways, only appears in two states.

However, when looking at the more focused Industrial, Farmhouse and Boho, we see undeniable popularity. It follows that this stems from a desire for more ways to express individuality, personality and identity.


Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island, South Carolina

"Coastal appears only in Florida, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Delaware – four states that, unsurprisingly, share a majority of their borders with the Atlantic.

The reason this style isn’t more popular, though, may simply be because there are so many other rising trends to choose from. With Industrial seeming to sweep the nation, for example, a more classic, geography-specific style like Coastal gets shelved aside for the time being.
- Leslie Frausto, Designer


Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tenessee, West Virginia, Wyoming

"There seems to be a tendency towards Industrial in the colder states, and Boho and Farmhouse along the Southeast, or the hotter climates. This is indicative of each style’s vibe: Industrial favors cooler metals and takes a bare, minimalistic approach... 
...Boho and Farmhouse, on the other hand, offer a little more eclecticism, many more warming colors, and an overall softer, cozier feel."
- Kathy Perez, Designer


Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin

“States that have once shown a preference for Farmhouse, like Texas, are moving towards a more modern aesthetic. In the map, this is shown through the prevalence of Industrial, which is a modernized version of Farmhouse.

“To incorporate Industrial into your space, focus on harsh elements like metal and wood – with a twist of rustic. Industrial has a modern vibe, so keep lines clean and straight; think minimalism, and not a lot of color.” - Andie Jurado, Designer

Mid-Century Modern

Nebraska, Oregon, Washington

“Mid-century modern and Scandinavian incorporate retro details like tapered legs and flared backs – embracing a nostalgic feel. According to the data, it’s the preferred vibe of the West Coast, reflecting a desire to “slow down” amidst these states’ fast-growing, tech-forward industries.

“If Portland is at all indicative of Oregon as a whole, it’s no surprise that the state’s top-searched trend is the retro Mid-Century Modern. From what’s perhaps the country’s hippest city comes an embracement of a style that’s as in line with contemporary trends as it is a throwback to vintage decor.” - Leslie Frausto, Designer


California & Colorado

“The trend toward Scandinavian in California is surprising. As a designer in California, most of the trends I see and work with on a regular basis involve a more modern feel.

“The Scandinavian look favors rustic earth tones, pottery and tapestry with pops of bright-colored hues. A red and blue color palette, for instance, with a rustic twist; not the sort of rustic you’ll find in Farmhouse, but rather a harsher, bolder form.” - Andie Jurado, Designer

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*Decor Trends Map data taken from Boho, Scandinavian, Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern and Coastal, Industrial and Farmhouse reports on September 13, 2019

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