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11 Bar Countertop Ideas for Entertaining à la Mode

Get ready – your bar countertop idea lightbulb is about to shine bright.

Thanks to your knack for serving up crowd-pleasing concoctions, your home bar is always the hub of excitement at parties. But without a properly-styled bar countertop, ambiance can suffer – drowning out even the maddest of mixology skills. Here are eleven ideas to keep your bar en vogue, so you can focus on what truly matters: tending to it!

1. Fresh-Picked Garnish

Amid a plethora of glasses and bottles, a sparkling vase sneaks in decorative charm.

2. Nothing but the Kitchen Sink

No need for frills. ‘Clean and simple’ = more space for tending bar.

3. Old World Wonders

Eau de vie, ready-to-serve.

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4. Chic, Straight Up

A new set of monochrome drinkware à la mode? We can’t think of a better reason to throw a party!

5. Keg Party

Now serving: rustic decor, on tap!

6. Chill Vibes

When the bar’s got wheels, keep bottles safely tucked away in a decorative basket for (stylish) insurance.

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7. Copper Spritz

Nothing like a good malt liquor to warm up a cold evening – except, of course, sunny statement decor!

8. By-the-Book

A stack of coffee table – ahem, bar table – books = smart style.

9. Citrus Burst

Air infused with seasonal colors makes the imbibing all the more refreshing.

10. Bartender’s Choice

Sometimes, chicest decor is in the last place we’d expect. When cubbies, shelves and baskets are color-coordinated and tidy, what’s behind the bar can be just as decorative as what’s on top of it!

11. Art of Curation

Guests dropping in without notice? Be ready for spontaneous hosting with a tray of crowd-pleasing beverages – that doubles as statement decor.

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