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City Style: Create a Las Vegas-Inspired Space

Bring home a little bit of the show-stopping Las Vegas style – straight from the Entertainment Capital of the World itself!

From the larger-than-life hotels to thrilling live shows to flashy casinos and restaurants, the sights and sounds of Las Vegas are bold, ubiquitous, and multifarious.
As a result, trying to pin down the best way to define Las Vegas in just one style of design would be nothing short of impossible.
…it’d be like trying to pick the best season, the best color, the best star in the sky…

…Or, so we thought. Instead of trying to narrow down our search for the best Vegas look (a task deemed insurmountable!), we decided to just pick a “side” of Vegas and run with it.
Not thinking too much about it, and not investing too much of our design-obsessed imaginations.
But sifting through dozens of images of drool-worthy interiors...

...there was one Vegas look that kept tugging at our heartstrings a little harder than the rest.
Vintage glamour. When talking about Vegas, it’s the style we simply couldn’t ignore.
It goes with Las Vegas hand-in-iconic-hand, the two together like birds of a fabulous feather.
It brings an aesthetic as rich and flavorful as Vegas’s luscious buffets.
It’s bold, and dripping with sophistication.

Full of lush textures, posh accents and Old World patterns – and not to mention a rich palette of colors like emerald, sapphire and gold –, vintage glamour exudes fabulous Vegas ambiance like nothing else.
While we started out with the belief that no one style can be declared as the best of Vegas...
...all it took was a little peek into the world of the glamour of old for us to realize: we were wrong.

There is, in fact, a one style that can be declared as the best of Vegas. See for yourself! Feast your eyes on the exquisite aesthetic, and be transported to the lobby of the most lavish hotel in all of downtown!
Rock the Vegas look. Visit the Living Spaces Vegas showroom for even more design inspiration.

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