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Positivity in 2022: Expert Tips on Good Home Vibes

Infusing the New Year with positive energy starts at home. Here are our Interior Designers Brynna Evans, Cha’Queza Telp, Maro Zannia, and Scott Lastimoza to show you how.

1. Dare to Color

Brought to you by: Brynna, Cha’Queza, Maro & Scott

Brynna: “When incorporating colors, think about the emotions they create.

Blue tones in your office create a professional and calming atmosphere, which can alleviate stress and tension. Whereas in the kitchen, pops of orange and yellow create excitement and helps wake you up in the morning before your coffee.”

Cha’Queza: “Pops of colors make for an exciting space. After coming home from a long day at work, walking into a room with color can increase your mood and keep you feeling positive. Bright colors can also increase your happiness, so try bringing in natural light to add the effect of energy into the room.”
Scott: “Blue, yellow, pink and green – rather than shades of red and black – create a better mood throughout the room.”

Maro: “Colors play an important role in the world and in a home. Earth tones bring some soothing energy – but the seven colors of the rainbow can also bring positive vibrations!

Implement color through pillows, bookshelf accessories or rugs – you'll definitely sense the positive change it brings to your space and mood. 

Let color awaken your space, overflowing it with optimism, warmth and joy. Once you’ve dared to play with color, you won’t be able to live without it!”

2. Go All Out with Plants

Brought to you by: Brynna, Cha’Queza, Maro & Scott

Brynna: "Invite the natural landscape inside through textures, wood tones and colors.

Natural elements allow for a relaxing space and help create flow throughout the indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. Plants can even help with oxygen production, contributing to a calming atmosphere.”

Maro: “In nature, green represents tranquility and peace.

Create an indoor garden using beautiful pots. Bamboo, tropical trees, flowering plants, money plants…there's an infinite variety for every taste!

Welcome nature in your home daily and you will see a drastic change of your mood and home vibes for the better...

...There is something magical in nature that reduces anger and anxiety, soothing the mind and soul.”
Cha’Queza: “Whether your style is modern, boho, or even rustic, plants are guaranteed to fit in – while also making your home more inviting.”

Scott: “Greenery is life. It brings relaxation, imitating an outdoor/indoor feel.”

3. Create Easy Comfort

Brought to you by: Scott

Scott: "For positive energy, it’s so important that your home includes relaxing, accessible furniture pieces – nothing too stiff…
...And this does not just apply to sofas. For instance, when you are having your tea while reading a book, a side table lets you easily place it down – making for easy accommodation.”

4. Carve Out a Corner Just for You

Brought to you by: Brynna

Brynna: “Schedule a time and a place for yourself! Whether that be in your bedroom or even a small corner in a room, somewhere to unwind and calm down from day-to-day stress.

By filling this space with your favorite colors and textures, you will create a space just for you and your relaxation needs.”

5. Make Your Bed

Brought to you by: Cha’Queza

Cha’Queza: “Making your bed every morning will make you more happy to jump into it at nighttime to get a good night’s sleep. Having an organized environment will set the tone for the day.

Choose your favorite pillows and cozy blankets so that when you walk in, your bed looks comfy and inviting.”

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6. Make an Entrance

Brought to you by: Maro

Maro: “Energy is contagious. It is something that you cannot see but can be felt immediately and everywhere.

“Sometimes, you can just walk into a place and feel whether it is happy, heartwarming – or sad. A home entrance is the first place that sends you and your guests the message to mind and soul.
“Whatever it reflects, is the first impression of what will follow. An open, inviting, beautiful entrance attracts positive energy; so let the good energy flow to the rest of your home.

“If you have a wall opposite your front door, ‘dress it’ with a nice sofa table, where you can add family pictures, quote art or flowers. Hang a mirror or art piece above it, or a couple of nice baskets under it.”

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