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How to Measure Door Width for a Sectional

Measure your door width to make sure your sectional will fit inside your home with these easy-to -follow steps.

How Can a Sectional Fit Through a Door?

Fitting a sectional through a door is easier than you think. Here’s how.

1. Check for Removable Parts

Although they may look sleek and unified, most sectional sofas don’t come all in one piece – they are actually composed of several smaller pieces, all joined together to form one configuration. This makes it easy to arrange your living room seating in a shape that best suits your space – and takes the pain out of trying to fit an entire sectional through a doorway.

2. Measure Your Doorway

Before you browse sectionals, measure the width of your doorway – along with any narrow hallways or nooks in which you must pass through in order to get to the area where you plan to place your sectional. Write down the measurements, and have them on hand to reference when you start shopping for sectionals.

3. Measure Each Piece of the Sectional

The easiest way to find out the measurements of your sectional is to go to the store in-person. Locate the sectional you are considering, and, using a measuring tape, measure the height of each separate piece, up to the top of the back cushions (if the cushions are not removable). Ask an employee if the legs of the sectional are removable; if they are, don’t include the legs in the measurement.

If the sectional is made up of several separate pieces, the only measurement you need to take down for each piece is the height. This is because the easiest way to get a sectional piece through a door is to turn it on its side, so the back is parallel to the floor.

If you are shopping online and not able to see the sectional in-person, read the product description for the height of the sectional. This will give you an idea of how much space the sectional will take up when turned on its side.

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