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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

1. A Purple Pillow
The craze around the Purple mattresses has now reached the brand’s pillows. Made with a unique Grid core, these head-and-neck-cradling superstars will make sure your teen gets the support and comfort needed for a night of sleep. This gift makes teenage dreams – literally.
2. The Best Sleep Money Can Buy
Research shows that teenagers need their sleep for optimal brain development. This year, make a quality mattress at the top of your list – if for no other reason than to encourage healthier sleep habits. For a growing teen, we recommend a Full mattress size, which is small enough to fit into most bedrooms and large enough to grow into.
3. A Make-the-Bed-Worthy Quilt Set
Speaking of developing healthy habits, making the bed can be one of the easiest ways to jumpstart a morning routine before school. Whether your teen already has her daily planner filled out to the minute or needs a bit of a prompt in the right direction when it comes to organization, a new bedding set can bring inspiration in more ways than one.
4. A Dresser to Match Their Style
Storage and organization go hand in hand: you can’t have one without the other. In the years of studies, college applications, sports and class exams, assignments and projects, nothing’s more welcoming than a room that’s fresh and tidy. Gift a dresser or accent chest that contains enough drawers for their items – and style for their personality.
5. Reading Lamps for the Bookworm
Gifting books is a perfect way to get your teen’s eyes off the screen and onto the page. Whether it’s wizards, vampires, romance, history or future dystopias, there are thousands of stories any teen can get into. Gifting a book may just turn off the binge-watching and crack open a paperback. (While you’re gifting books, throw in a bedside lamp – added protection for young eyes as they read well into the night pays health dividends down the road.)
6. Trendy Sherpa Accent Pillow
Even a small new addition can get them to see their space in a new light. And with the sherpa aesthetic taking over social media hashtags, a pillow made with the same material is an easy, affordable way to gift them the latest trends. Go with soft colors like cream to cozy up her space.
7. Focus Lights for the High Achiever
For the future professor, scientist or author: a light designed for long hours of reading and focusing is a win-win. Gift one for their desk, nightstand or wherever else they lose themselves in books. Snag one for your own home office, too – these preventative tools for eye health aren’t just for teens!
8. A Gaming Desk
Gaming chairs are uber popular gift ideas right now. The less popular but still quite necessary are gaming desks – designed more widely and ergonomically for the gamer’s comfort. For the ultimate surprise setup on Christmas morning, gift desk and chair together.
9. A Rolling Chair for the Serious Studier
Rolling chairs heighten the look and feel of a study space. (After all, nothing says official like the ability to lean back, ruminate and spin your seat in a rhythm to match the percolating of your thoughts.) For the 13-going-on-30-year-old, an executive seat is a must.
10. New Storage to Build Organizational Habits
The older your child gets, the more stuff he or she will accumulate. Gifts, school supplies, clothes, hobbies – life happens to be pretty materialistic, no matter how minimalist one might seem. Having drawer space enough for all categories of their belongings will help keep their space neat and organized, freeing up their mental space for more creative endeavors.
11. A New Bed With Built-In Book Drawers
If a new bed is a necessary – but boring – gift for your growing teen, consider making it more appealing. Built-in drawers along the sides and foot of the bed will give them the option of keeping their favorite items, like books, close at hand. Perfect for the reader or collector.
12. A Nook for Reading
A bedroom chair – one that’s actually comfortable – will make your teen love his or her space. Whether they’re a gamer or reader or simply like to host friends for sleepovers, a new nook in their bedroom corner will make Santa suddenly cool again. For Gen Z, a sherpa-upholstered chair will be sure to fit the on-trend cozycore vibe.