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Top 6 White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Want This Season

Here's a little holiday trivia for you: Did you know that the term "white elephant" is believed to have been in usage since 1828? It's based on a legend of the King of Siam - he gave rare albino elephants to courtiers who had done him wrong. His goal was basically to bankrupt them by gifting this extravagant animal, as the cost of their upkeep was crazy expensive.

Hence, we know white elephant gift exchanges today as potentially win or lose scenarios. You're just as likely to unwrap something awesome, as you are to bring home a not-so-appealing item. Well, if you want to have a reputation for giving white elephant gifts that everyone wants, we have a few unique ideas for you.

Gift Idea 1: Accent Pillows

Soft, stylish and the easiest way to add flair anywhere, accent pillows are a gift everyone can enjoy. Because they're offered in a variety of patterns, colors, materials and price points, there are also limitless options for you to choose from. Try going for a gender-neutral look, so guys and gals will be equally jazzed about opening this gift.

Gift Idea 2: Memory Foam Pillows

Accent pillows aren't the only type of pillow you can gift . . . why not a memory foam pillow that improves the quality of sleep? We all want to get the best possible rest, and pillows are absolutely crucial for providing proper upper body alignment and support while you catch your Zzs. It may be unexpected, but it will also be appreciated.

Gift Idea 3: Wall Art

Help friends create their very own at-home gallery with art for their wall. Because you don't know who the recipient will be, you have complete and total freedom to choose a crowd-pleasing masterpiece. Whether that's a large-scale photograph of a roadside landmark or an inspirational quote, it's utterly up to you.

Gift Idea 4: Mirrors

The gift that reflects anyone's personality, a mirror is perfect for any space. The lucky person who gets to bring this home can hang it in their entryway, living room, bedroom or bathroom to make it feel bigger or to simply enhance the ambiance. Round mirrors have been having a moment, but any shape, frame and size will do.

Gift Idea 5: Shelf Decor

Those who want to capture the perfect shelfie will love unwrapping a piece of decor that can be the star of a picture. From plants, to candleholders, to mini-sculptures, there are tons of small, chic items that have the power to transform a bookcase or wall shelf into an Instagram-worthy moment. The only thing left to worry about will be which filter to use.

Gift Idea 6: Jars, Bottles + Vases

Sure, jars, bottles and vases are decorative, but they're also functional - which makes them a truly great present. For your white elephant gift, choose a design (or designs) that can be filled with flowers or utilitarian items, like paper clips, coins and pencils for a piece that also offers aesthetically-pleasing organization.

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