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Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Kids' valentine’s gift ideas that will light up their world – and remind them just how much they mean to you.

1. Wall Art – to remind them to ‘shoot for the stars.’

We can all use a fresh reminder to keep chasing after our biggest dreams, and a rad piece of bedroom wall art is as fresh – and inspiring – as it gets!

2. A Fairy Tale Hideaway

A room that’s nothing short of fairy tale magic starts with a charming canopy bed, and ends with one word: pink! Because there’s nothing like waking up to the room of her dreams – especially on Valentine’s Day!

3. A Storage Cube – filled with the things they love.

A big box stuffed with their favorited toys = a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget. The only drawback? They’ll love it so much, all future Valentine’s Days may seem mediocre in comparison!
In your child’s eyes, Valentine’s Day may seem like it’s all about “that four-letter word that grown-ups do in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g’ – but you know, and we know, that it’s not just about romance. It’s also about taking the time to remind those closest to us – including our offspring – just how much we love them. Because even after all the headaches/messes/sleeplessness they may cause, the little kiddos are still pretty cool, and you, deep down, love them.

Making your children feel like this day of love is the best day ever is easy; simply give them the one thing that every kid lives for: unexpected presents! While they may be too excited enjoying their shiny new gifts to understand the full meaning of Valentine’s Day now, give it time. Over the years, they’ll look back on these little moments of gifting with appreciation – knowing that what they were actually opening was something more, a gesture of your love for them, no matter how many headeaches/messes/sleepless nights they may cause.

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